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Stocks registered their third straight advance today breaking a string of downward days that saw the S&P 500 cross below the 1,100 mark.  That low level actually signalled the beginning of a bear market which begins when stocks are off by 20% from their most recent highs.  The immediate bounce ba...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 31 basis points today at 102.09 coming to rest just 4 basis points above the strong level of support offered by the 25 day moving average.  With the safe haven trade unravelling for the moment, traders are all hunkered down waiting for tomorrow's jobs ...
Stocks were the beneficiary late in the session yesterday of word that the Europeean Union was working on a plan to strengthen its banking system.  What was truly a nasty trading day turned into a 150 point gain before the close.  Today stocks, which are somewhat oversold, appeared as bargains to...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 31 basis points at 102.41 today having falllen through support at the 102.50 level.  MBS bonds do remain, howerver, 42 basis points above the 25 day moving average which has proved to be a stalwart support level in the past.  Some moderate news came in...
News over the weekend that Greeece would not be able comply with all the austerity conditions required in order to receivee their bailout package was bound to send stocks reeling and "oh my" it did.  Despite good news from auto manufacturers whose sales far exceeded projections, stocks stumbled o...
Mortgage backed securities(MBS) closed up 34 basis points today at 103.12 having for only the third time crossed into that rarified air above the 103,00 mark.  The never ending Greece debt saga firmly confirmed a new safe haven trade today as funds were taken from equities and placed in dollars a...


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