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Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 6 basis points today at 103.09 having fallen just below yesterday's highs and remained in historically high territory.  Mortgage bonds opened the day slightly lowered reacting badly to good news of more confident small business people.  Also weighing o...
For a week with precious little economic reporting, stock future opened with a mild forward flow.  This week begins the corporate reporting season with Alcoa leading the way with an after market release this evening.  Fed President Lockhart spoke about his willingness to support a new round of qu...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 6 basis points today at 103.16 having remained in the lofty space above all the moving averages after touching resistance way above before closing below it.  This is the first time the bond has hit that high water mark since October.  in that instance, b...
Stocks, which should have had a field day after the word that 200,000 jobs had been created hit the street, instead acted like wallflowers as Italian bonds continued to be pummeled.  There is an interesting ad here in the New York area.  A car dealer wonders aloud how a country with an economy as...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 22 basis points today 103.09 having burst through resistance above and approached some of the highest levels of all time.  Despite an excellent jobs report which initially sent mortgage bonds reeling, fears about the high yields of Italian bonds bonds fo...
Stocks opened lower today but drifted slightly higher as the day moved on.  Despite Morgan Stanley predicting that the S & P 500 would be down 7% in 2012, trader's were not willing to buckle on just the second trading day of the year.  With the Fed planning to "forecast" its own moves in an appar...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 3 basis points today at 102.78 having remained right at resistance while staying just above the double support level offered by the 25 and 50 day moving averages.  The Japanese candlestick attests to the fact that MBS bonds spent much of the day underw...
Here's wishing you a healty and properous New Year!  I hope you enjoy my New Year poem below.   Wonder and amazement abound   Through the air rushes the sound   Church bells ring for all to hear   As heralds of the coming new year       What will it bring this new year to come?   Will it bring jo...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed even today at 102.81 after having been down for much of the day.  Bonds closed just 3 basis points above resistance and the familiar support levels offered by the 25 and 50 day moving averagaes remained in place.  Although MBS bonds and Treasuries normally ...

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