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         MBS Markets – Another Friday selloff occurred to end last week.  The 3.0% coupon MBS bond once again fell all the way down to the 100.00 level known as par.  Just as it did last week it bounced off the support level but this time sunk back to close at par and at the worst level of the da...
         Rates  Interest rates looked as is if they were beginning to make a comeback last week.  The stock market had two consecutive catastrophic session and rates showed signs of improvement.  As of the close of business Friday, however, they were back to their one year highs.  The conforming ...
Stocks managed a minor comeback today after major setbacks on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was another roller coaster session with the Dow having been down 100 points in advance of tomorrow's jobs report before coming all the way back to close up 80 points.  The S&P 500 closed up a strong 22 points...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 31 basis points today at 100.66 having passed through resistance offered by the 100.53 level on its way to passing through the 101.00 level prior to being repelled back down late in the day.  Nevertheless this is still a positive signed for the 3.0% coup...
Stocks experienced their second consecutive two hundred point loss.  The frequently flawed ADP jobs report was released this morning and showed that just 137,000 new jobs were created in May.  That number fell short of the 159,000 expected and sent stock futures even lower that they had been whil...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 22 basis points today at 100.34 having run up and crossed through resistance above offered at the 100.44 before closing 10 bps below.  On the positive side the bond remained above the all important support offered at 100.00.  On the bad side, the bond ga...
Stocks were extremely volatile once again today as both stocks and bonds both experienced sell-offs.  As you know stocks and bonds usually trend in different directions so today was an unusual day.  With no economic news and no big news affecting markets, the recent malaise that has been ailing s...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 44 basis points today at 100.06 having fallen down through two levels of support at 100.19 and 100.00 before bouncing just over the critical 100.00 level.  Rates have been skyrocketing since last week and today's flirt with the 100. level was very dang...


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