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Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed even today at 103.25 having surged up to within 10 basis points of resistance offered by the 200 day moving average before falling back to close 28 basis points below.  the Japanese candlestick for today is called a "high wave" candle.  "high wave" candles ...
Stocks failed to set a five year high today as the S & P 500 and the Dow had slight losses while the NASDAQ advanced slightly.  Durable goods orders had a surprisingly good month in December having advanced 4.6 % rather than the 1.6% increase that was expected.  Durable goods are large ticket ite...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed even today at 103.44 having come to rest just 4 basis points below the 200 day moving average.  The day ended with a large green candlestick known as a bullish hammer candle.  This positive candle bodes well for trading in the days ahead if can re-take the ...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 25 basis points today at 104.09 having come to rest just 3 basis points above the critical support level at 104.06.  MBS bonds had actually fallen through that support during the day before closing barely above it.  Good news in the way of further redu...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed up 19 basis points today at 104.34 having closed above the crucial resistance level offered by the 104.06 level we have spoken about in recent weeks.  That left the 3.0 coupon bonds just 5 basis points below resistance at the 25 day moving average.  New REI...
They are at it again.  Earlier last year Congress took time away from its seemingly incessant squabbling to impose some new rules and regulations on the mortgage industry.  As if altering the way originators are paid and killing off endless forests by requiring an endless number of sighed disclos...
What a day.  The stock and bond markets are closed in celebration of Martin Luther King Day.  Obama Inauguration II with all its associated parties, parades and balls took place in Washington DC.  A bitter wave of arctic cold is sweeping the northeast and bringing snow to many areas.  The sun is ...
Early earnings reports from Bank of America and Citigroup set a poor picture for equities this morning but some positive economic news quickly turned that trend around.  Initial jobless claims dropped to a year low last week with only 335,000 jobs being lost.  At the same time, housing starts inc...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down a whopping 47 basis points today at 103.91 having fallen below the critical support level at 104.06 which they had only fallen through once this year.  some good economic news forced money out of bonds into riskier stocks today putting the MBS market i...
Stocks were greeted with some unusual problems this morning.  Dow component Boeing was reeling from more bad news about the battery troubles on their new Dream-liner.  The news was significant enough that all 787 were grounded across Japan.  On the banking front, behemoth JP Morgan reported a mon...

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