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Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed flat today at 103.81 having crossed above resistance offered at the 103.84 level prior to closing back below it.  MBS bonds are at a crossroads and there is no clear direction as to what way they will go being indicated by the Japanese candlestick chart.  I...
With no economic reports coming out today stock traders keyed on some positive information from overseas.  Stocks began climbing slowly as the session began and continue to build throughout the day.  With the jobs report looming on Friday and 225,000 new jobs expected there was a modicum of cauti...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 25 basis points today at 103.81 having tumbled down through support offered at the 103.84 level and closed below it.  As I mentioned yesterday locking now to avoid further interest rate increases would be prudent.  If anyone has an agreed price on a pu...
A double whammy of decreasing productivity in China and an 11% reduction in black Friday sales caused stock futures to open lower this morning.  Oil sold its way down to its lowest level since July of 2009 before bouncing back to Friday's lows.  The Dow was down nearly 100 points during the sessi...
Mortgage backed securities (MBS) closed down 19 basis points today at 104.09 signaling the first retreat since climbing almost to October's high.  that prompted a signal to lock prior to new pricing for the worse and a general call to lock all floating rates.  The 10 year Treasury fell in step wi...

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