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your countertops and granite islands to make sure they are safe.  An Opinion from Steve Gladstone Chief Inspector Stonehollow Fine Home Inspection Inc. and 2004 National President of the American Society of Home Inspectors. Never underestimate the power of the New York Times. My phone started rin...
 And now the much anticipated part 4... Environmental problems and problem materials.Hardly an inspection goes by that I don't have to explain radon, lead, contaminated wells, asbestos, carbon monoxide or the biggest buggaboo... mold. Okay people... I admit it, house problems rarely scare me.  It...
Termites :from www. Termite workers, soldiers, queens, swarmers   Termites are social insects.  Their workers are best described as "little white things" or "little white ants" that are often found in damp, rotting wood. Termites have a strict caste system, which consists of worker termi...
 Okay I'm only up to part two and I'm off schedule already. Forgive me , I live a busy life. 2. Roofing problems As a home inspector we are constantly evaluating roofs.  Last year I helped author an excellent textbook on roofing for Kaplan Professional schools. The book covers many aspects of roo...
Each of us approach an inspection from a different perspective when we are talking buyers, sellers, inspectors and Realtors...but the end result should be some clarity about the conditions found and good information leading to a "buy or no buy" conclusion.  This decision is the buyers to make (no...
  For those who are concerned about giving credit where credit is due, this is circulating on the internet without a source listed...and I would love to credit it's author because I feel it is very smart. If you know who wrote it please send the source and I'll update it.  Creation On the first d...
As I sit here in Stamford, CT. in my office... I hear the sound not of fireworks on this morning of the fourth, but of motorcyles revving on a computer my son is playing, the distinct ca-ching of a computer gambling game my mother is on, registers a big virtual win and I hear a sigh of acknowlegm...
For most of my life I've been writing. It started with short stories and poems and has grown to little articles, larger inspection pieces, presentations on home safety and preventative maintainance , podcasts, website info and lots of chapters (some made it into the books and some didn't). As an ...
 Mitchell Captain raised an inportant post in the Home Inspectors Q and A group...oops . You should be able to access it from here. He asked if you ever lost something when you were entering a blog or if you've tried to enter something only to find that the internet or your line is down.A ups bac...
See our website at Home Inspections and Environmental testing in lower Fairfield County CT and Westchester NY.Geesh... We came very close yesterday,,, Rosemary and Joe in the Springdale section of Stamford own a beautiful townhouse cluster home and they have maintained the hom...

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