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Helpful tips for preventative maintenance and safety around your home. Let's answer your questions and save you grief and money! Keep your investment a fun place to be.
Lower Fairfield county is certainly a wonderful place to live, play and raise a family. I know because I made the move 32 years ago.  We moved to Stamford.  After growing up on New York's Long Island, and living in several towns...I was ready for a new job and my bride and I thought we'd try exot...
Most of you know what a home inspector does, but many probably don't really know what it takes to be a great one.While experience is a great part of hiring a home inspector, perhaps I can give you some facts about some Home Inspector credentials and things to look for.First of all in over 30 stat...
If you are toying with leaving your business or trade. Sick to death with whatever you have been doing, tired of working for your boss and putting up with his or her perpetual grief...well maybe home inspection is beckoning.Are you a good house detective? Do you understand how homes are built, ho...
 Today was a great day in Connecticut. Warm and beautiful...Today we inspected a 3700 square foot home in Trumbull that had undergone substantial renovations...and a 3 bedroom townhouse.The Trumbull home had a new roof, new kitchen wonderful bathrooms , but some items that were lacking, just make...
See our web at www.stonehollow.comTodays Maintenance Tip of the Day...It's Spring, and as spring means taking care of the yard lets give a few bits of information to make your yard nicer and maybe in the long run make your honey-do jobs go faster.1. Sharpen those tools. Just about any garden uten...
 Home Inspectors: How far do you go when it comes to Kitchen & Laundry appliances?By Stephen Gladstone The average home inspector across the US and Canada may or may not look at appliances in the course of his or her inspection. Unfortunately we have little data in this area because ASHI standard...
 As Promised... part 2.You have to bear with me...I've only been doing this for 24 years but I have to tell you that a mere 100% of my prelist clients have sold their homes faster, with less grief and for substantially more money than they expected.Yes, that's all of them, for those of you who ar...
(see more subjects on my blogs and web at Steve Gladstone President of Stonehollow Home Inspections and 2004 National ASHI President.Isn't time you got rid of the surprises found when you finally get a real offer on your listings.Brokers who have their act together, a...
Ahhh Springtime... Inspecting In Spring can be an adventure. For more info see us at www.stonehollow.comYes, while it's true most of us look forward to Spring and the wonderful changes that take place in this season except maybe losing an hour to daylight savings; Inspecting in Spring is so nice ...

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