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Helpful tips for preventative maintenance and safety around your home. Let's answer your questions and save you grief and money! Keep your investment a fun place to be.
From Steve Gladstone's Spring 2007 Helpful Home Newsletter  To download the entire newsletter go to and download it from the home page. A Brief Spring Check List:Exterior Stuff:Rooftops: are they free of debris? Clean the skylights, have a roofer examine your roof surface to m...
  Frequently Asked Questions of the Home Inspector: by Stephen Gladstone, President of Stonehollow Fine Home Inspections What is involved in a typical inspection ? We carefully and systematically evaluate all mechanical (electrical, plumbing, heating, cooling, and ventilation) systems within the ...
       Over the last few years more people are focusing on this colorless, odorless, tasteless gas that has the nasty habit of killing people. We have see an increase of Fire departments running on hundreds of Carbon Monoxide detector calls as more and more people, install detectors.     With the...
Pre- Closing Walk-Through Check ListPLEASE, understand that on the morning of your closing you will have one last opportunity to tour the home & look carefully at the conditions before you sign the dotted line. Before you truly own this home...we recommend that you read through your home inspecti...
 by Stephen M. GladstoneHome inspections are now the rule, and no longer the exception with wise homebuyers.Anyone who has bought a home, be it a new or used one, can attest to the horror stories of problems popping up in their dream house, almost as quickly as the papers are signed.Take the drip...
 26 Things to think about in your Bathroom...Bathroom Safety:1. Do you have a bathroom fan?When was it last cleaned? Where does it duct too? Does it go through an attic, basement, or crawlspace? Can water vapor become condensation in the venting and become trapped in there? This could make the fa...
 Safety around YOUR Home:26 Things to think about in your Kitchen...Kitchen Safety:1. How Old is your Fire Extinguisher? Where is it? Would someone visiting find it in an emergency? Would you? Would you know how to use it? Would it work if you did? 2. Are your filters clean above your cooktop? Gr...
Are you aware over 22,000 people die annually from lung cancer not attributed to smoking?Testing your home for radon gases is an inexpensive sensible thing to do, especially if you are purchasing a new home.Radon is the result of uranium (a radioactive rock) in the ground radiating air around it ...
We are often asked  what a home owner can do to make their laundry area safer and less is my list.Number 1 is to get rid of the cheap rubber garden hoses on the washer and upgrade them to the best quality laundry hoses you can buy. They really are not that expensive. A large pl...

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