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You can listen to the news reports  or read  Arizona Republic  and Tribune about the housing market  But what you're reading and hearing about the Phoenix market, doesn't necessarily apply to Fountain Hills. Remember, real estate markets are local. Locallyhere in Fountain Hills,Arizona we have 32...
Back in the 1981 this father of five young children was concerned about saving energy. So he built the first passive solar house in Fountain Hills. Little did he know that 27 years later “going green” would be everyone’s concern. His children grew up in this home, enjoying splashful summers slid...
The number of homes for sale in our town has dropped to 446 single family houses on the market. That’s a significant reduction from 570 last year. Only 29 are foreclosures. That too is a good sign. As supply and demand equalize we will be back to a stable market. Then prices can begin to go back ...
When it comes to selling or buying a house, the more knowledge you have, the more you are in control of what a house sells for. Knowledge gives you power. Sellers who understand the value of their house will sell for more. By being aware of what is happening in your market you can learn what buye...
  Who are first-time buyers? You are a targeted market of people who have either never owned a home or you have not owned one in the past 3 years. The government is aiming at you to begin to untangle the housing knot. Like the genie in the lamp the Congress and President Obama will grant your wi...
If you’re looking for good news, read on. Our housing market is showing some signs of improvement! Is it just a bleep on the screen or is it the beginning of the bottom? Let’s first look at an overview and then we’ll examine the details. Market Overview The number of single family houses for sale...
Wow! All of these wonderful houses available at bargain prices! The interest rate hovers just above 5%! What a perfect time to sell your house and buy a bigger house or a smaller nest. But how do you do that with market gridlock? When money grew on trees and all you had to do was sneeze to get a ...
There’s lots of rhetoric about the stimulus bill but what does it mean for you and I?   • If you are a buyer looking for a home up to $900,000 you will not have to pay for a high cost jumbo loan. Loan limits for conventional loans will be $729,750. This is meant stimulate the market for higher en...
With credit tight and lenders fearful of lending, we have returned to the days when an underwriter acts as judge and determines your credit worthiness. Mortgage money is available. But it is only available to qualified buyers. Here’s what you have to do to qualify.   • Prove you can make your pay...
In today's home selling market it helps to have a competitive edge. Your home needs to stand out not only in the buyer's mind; it must somehow touch an emotional cord. It must make them feel that they want to call home. Buyers are looking for a house that they can make into their home. They need ...

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