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What can you use to polish marble floors? Granite Hero Hints: Andersonville Marble Cleaning & Maintenance Tips Create your own marble polishing compound by mixing 3 tablespoons of baking soda to one quart of warm water. Keep this ratio, more baking soda can create excess haze. Dip a rag in your h...
 What do I use to polish my marble countertop?Granite Hero Hints: Chicagoland Marble Cleaning & Maintenance Tips: Wipe the marble countertop with a soft, dry cloth to remove all dirt and debris. Wet a non-abrasive microfiber towel with warm water, wring it out and wipe the marble top again. Spray...
 What is the best way to clean marble countertops? Granite Hero Hints: Phoenix Marble Polishing & Maintenance Tips Don't use anything with acid or lemon juice. Shake gently to mix the soap and water. Spray the counter with the dish soap solution: Spray the countertop lightly with the warm dish so...
How do you get stains out of grout? - CHICAGOLAND Grout RestorationGRANITE HERO HINT: Removing stains from grout has about a 50/50 success rate. To remove stains from your grout, dip a wet brush into the oxygenated bleach to make a paste. Wipe clean, then allow to dry. DO NOT USE BLEACH ON NATURA...
Can you put wax on a marble floor? Granite Hero Hints: Marble Cleaning & Maintenance Tips GRANITE HERO HINT: Conventional floor waxes should not be used on marble floors. Wax is an acrylic topical coating that does not allow the stone to breath and will cause discoloration and streaking. Professi...
How do you clean grout?   GRANITE HERO HINT: For grout joints complimenting porcelain or ceramic tile, fill a spray bottle with a 50/50 solution of vinegar and hot water.  DO NOT USE VINEGAR ON NATURAL STONE TILES. Spray the grout joints with the homemade solution. Allow five -10 minutes, then sc...
How do you clean engineered stone?Cleaning engineered stone isn't the most complicated procedure in the world, however bad habits and the incorrect daily cleaner can damage the surface finish. Preserve original counter top finish by cleaning engineered stone using just soap and water or mild dete...
Wicker Park Granite Countertop Polishing & Maintenance Services. Granite really is a great choice for kitchen countertops. It can honestly take a pounding, It’s the hardest of stones custom fabricated in homes across the Chicago land area. What makes granite a superior choice vs marble as a natu...
How do you clean my tile & grout?We use a high specially designed tile and grout floor cleaning machine which agitates and removes all dirt from the grout joints. We use tile and grout specific cleaners that strip away any waxy build-up and remove the dirt embedded in the grout lines.  Tile and G...
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