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A blog about homes, real estate and other interesting things to see and do around Greater Seattle, Bellevue and the Eastside - designed to help people who are thinking about buying, selling or relocating in the Greater Seattle/Bellevue area by providing timely and accurate real estate market information, neighborhood, commute and schools information, and tips on interesting and worthwhile things to see and do.
We have been working for some time on a new homes-for-sale search system that would be better than almost anything else out there - very easy to use and helpful for both relocation buyers and local people thinking about a move - or just watching their neighborhood. So here it is: Greater Seattle...
Real Estate Market Overview   Residential real estate market prices in our Greater Seattle & Eastside area continue to be stable. The improved availability of jumbo financing for higher-end homes appears to be starting to have an effect, as sales in the top 10% range are showing an uptick. Month...
In the spirit of Independence day, we decided to get a little more independent too.  We have now completed setting up our new independent real estate brokerage firm - called Veritus Realty Group.  Chuck is the managing broker.  The reason for setting up an independent brokerage is simple - we wo...
As we start getting more sunny days and more chances to play outdoors, the notion of having one's own sport court for playing with kids and friends gets pretty attractive.  In Kirkland, Redmond and Woodinville on Seattle's greater eastside there are quite a few homes with larger lots where owners...
Real Estate Market Overview Our Greater Seattle residential real estate market is jumping! But perhaps just temporarily until the tax credits expire – they only apply to transactions signed by April 30 and closed by June 30. Then we’ll see if the economy has picked up enough to keep things going...
This new real estate ‘technical’ term underwater is getting quite a bit of press lately, and unfortunately it applies to a lot of us. What it means is “my house is no longer worth as much as I owe on it.” It means your equity is gone, and it also means that you can’t easily sell the house and pay...
Real Estate Market Overview Our Greater Seattle residential real estate market is continuing to look solid on a price basis, and is sneaking up on a whole year at essentially the same stable price level. However, the hopeful blip in condominium prices last month didn't hold up, and condo median ...
 When people ask me "How soon are home prices around here going to recover?", I have been saying that I don't think they will really start to 'recover' for at least 3 to 4 years. The question usually comes from someone who wants to sell, but is having a hard time dealing with the fact that the va...
Looks like the New Year is starting off well.  The real estate markets are strengthening, the stock market is holding its own, and the U.S. dollar is doing well on world markets.  Our economic recovery seems to be getting some legs, although slowly, and the government continues to focus a lot of...
Ninety years ago, the town of Newcastle, just south of Bellevue, not only looked different - which you would expect - it was in a different place.  At the time it was home of one of the largest coal mines in the world, and it was situated in the valley area that is now just east of the hairpin tu...

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