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The real estate market is a cyclical one, and this June 9th article (below) from Quicken Loans is a reminder that we’re in an upswing, and with that, appraisals can often come in lower that the contracted price between buyers and sellers. This is because, while the sellers may be looking at the ...
A well-planned garage or yard sale can make room in your home, get rid of unused items and make some money but it needs some planning to be successful. Start early to research and plan Promotion is key Display items attractively Price items right Organize checkout Saturdays are generally the bes...
This isn’t a financial blog, but the current state of the world financial markets has us pondering volatility, safe havens, and of course, luxury real estate. Anyone reading the headlines (or filling their gas tanks) in recent days knows that the price of oil has plunged. OPEC and Russia have st...
Everyone knows that ice can make a drink cool or reduce swelling, but if you put it on your cell phone, it might just save your life. The concept is simple. Make a contact record in your address book with the name “ICE”, which stands for In Case of Emergency. In the note section of the record, y...
There are many reasons for wanting to have a home of your own like a place to raise your family, share with friends and feel safe and secure. While investment opportunities rank high for most people based on the fact that homeowners’ net worth is over forty times higher than that of renters, so ...
0% financing has induced car buyers into taking the plunge because it doesn’t cost anything to use someone else’s money. While mortgage rates are not at zero, they’re close enough that many buyers are applying similar logic. Qualified mortgage interest is deductible on taxpayers’ returns subject...

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