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                       My home in the blizzard of 2008.                                     My Neighbor Bill being a good neighbor as usual.Remember the blizzard of 2008? It was only a couple of weeks ago, how could you forget that much snow. One thing I always remember in times like this...You c...
                                                                                                                         I  had a great birthday present from Mary Jo my loving wife of many years...well we met in High school. That's right, I married my high school sweetheart. And we are still swee...
         This is my yard at 2:00am Sept 12, 2003                   This is my yard at 10:00 am Sept 12, 2003OK, this looks a little funny. I didn't think so when I drove down my street late that night and saw my front yard TP'd...WOW!  My neighbor called one of his friends on the local police for...
 The Big Mac Bridge in Cincinnati. The Daniel Carter Beard Bridge was dedicated in 1981 as the river crossing for I-471.  The bridge is the easternmost of the city's downtown bridge group. However, many locals, including traffic reporters, ignore the bridge's official name and instead call it "Th...
I have a confession to make...I drive a little fast sometimes when I'm alone. As a result I have received a couple of speeding tickets the past two years. But you know didn't cost me much at all. Best of all NO points and NO increase in auto insurance. How did I do that you ask? It's ea...
I had a client friend call me the other day and said he was in need of some roofing work. He didn't know who to call and remembered that when he bought his home two years ago I told him if he needed anything to call me. I have a list of professionals to refer to him. Another client called with a ...
Mary Jo jokes and calls me teacher Gary. When in all actuality I am an honorary professor at the University of Cincinnati adult evening college called "Communiversity". This little fling has been going on for more than 10 years. Wow it is fun, keeps me abreast of the real estate market, latest tr...
My wife Mary Jo and I were having lunch Sunday with my mom who is 86 and at the retirement home. Mary Jo mentioned to mom that her sister-in-law Janet's dad Joe VonHandorf died the other day. Mom quickly remarked "well, Aunt Lillie died also". That is the first we had heard about that. So as soon...

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