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I launched another new web site. Annoucing: It took a little bit of time to get this one built. It features my portrait and wedding photography -- my other site, remains active and is dedicated to real estate photography and virtual tou...
The Ponzi scheme mortgage broker in Berks County still has many legal woes. Wesley A. Snyder, who plead guilty in Federal Court, was sured again, as well as one of the companies he represented.The Reading Eagle reports:Reading, PA -  Two local couples who claim they were cheated by Wesley A. Snyd...
Maybe it is just because I have been talking more about audio narration this past week to clients and new customers, but I have been asked for samples.Here is one I have been using for real estate agents/customers: sample audio tour(Before clicking, turn up your speakers.) You can decide if profe...
The proof is in. Our PanoRider's are driving traffic to real estate agent's web sites.Here is what a PanoRider looks like:They are now available in custom sizes, too. But here is the important part of this:"Panoramic sign riders (PanoRiders) and single property website services back in October of...
I am somewhat amazed at what some agents are calling "virtual tours." Stringing together several single scenes and putting them on a website seems to qualify for some. As a professional photographer and virtual tour creator, it makes me cringe.There's more than just putting together images. What ...
On a recent sales call in nearby Hershey, I demonstrated a virtual tour with a standard audio music track. My sales prospect loved the tour, but disliked the music. She said she never likes music playing on web sites. When I arrived at my next appointment in York, Pennsylvania, still weary of the...
So you decided that you do want to market your listings faster, smarter, cheaper, better... how do you know where your Internet traffic is coming from? Where does it make sense to market your listings? Do those free web sites (like Craigslist) really work. You can tell with good web traffic repor...
There is something called a remote hosted virtual tour. It sounds worse than it is, and it important to know that it can be done.Suppose you want to have the virtual tour embedded on your own web site -- and not run in a pop-up window. The solution to this design issue is to ask for a remote host...
Our Panoriders are also available in customized sizes. Orignally only offered as 8 x 24's, our signs are now available in lots of special sizes to meet the needs of various offices. Here is our sign in a 5" x 18" size:Our Panorider (on the top) includes a panorama from the virtual tour. We also i...
Has anybody built a community-based web site? Do you have any tips? I am not looking for the technical information - not which program to use or HTML help. Rather, I am looking for suggestions on what to include in a county-wide or community web site. This is not my primary web site, but rather o...

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