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A Great Idea!!!Next week, we pause to honor and remember our Veterans. I have an idea for you.When you are making out your Christmas card list this year, please add one more address by including the following:         A Recovering American soldier         c/o Walter Reed Army Medical  Center     ...
Just when I thought it was over - that I'd be moving on to other things - and stopping the no-no photos, what shows up in my e-mail? Yep.You guessed it. Another great no-no photo. So I have to post it. I love the towels hanging on the sink and the stove. And the refrigerator!    
I finally have a new logo for my virtual tours company. Here it is: it is certainly much different than my original "shaken house" design. It will take some time to get this updated across my marketing materials -- from my web site to my handouts -- which include door hangers, flyers, price lists...
From the Washington Post: Counselors help homeowners examine their finances; what it will take to catch up with payments, if that's feasible; and how the foreclosure process works. They also work with lenders, often spending hours trying to reach the right representative. Urban joked that he has ...
Accoding to the Lancaster Newspapers, a "Retirement community for 300 planned adjacent to popular Millersville garden center - which will remain open."Wow. Funk's Farm Market is a well known, local business that has operated on the south side of Millersville for decades. I can't image how much th...
First, I admit this is just an attempt to meet more agents, make a positive impression, and to help them a bit -- so when they need a virtual tour, they'll think of me. I am going to offer a business portrait service - 100% guarantee satisfaction -- for those agents that want an updated photo for...
Here is yet another batch of the no-no photos -- you know, photos being used to market a property ... that should be used: Well, I AM glad this place has a stairs... but does it look like that brick wall is leaning?  A lovely stove in the corner, but should this be the only kitchen shot? I don't ...
The deep roots of Personal Financial Management entangled mess is worse than thought. Individual investors are now surfacing: one is a Willow Street (Lancaster County, PA) woman who is likely to lose $852,000. The latest on this debacle is available from the Lancaster Newspapers at: http://local....
More fall out from the Pesonal Financial Management debacle (see my other blog posts) has resulted in the local state representative proposing stiff penalties in a new law. State Representative John Bear today announced that in response to the recent actions of a mortgage lender operating in Lanc...
From the Lancaster Newspaper: PHILADELPHIA - Mickey Allen Weicksel, a former Lancaster real estate investor who obtained about $4 million in kickbacks through a real estate scam, was sentenced Tuesday to 14 years in prison.Federal District Judge Barclay Surrick in Philadelphia also sentenced Weic...

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