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This past Tuesday was the Republican Presidential Primary.  I was the Head Moderator for the primary, so as the Head Moderator I get to see the voter turnout throughout the day, and it was not good.  We have 14 Voting Districts here in Middletown, CT, and they vary in size, but the percentage of ...
  Sunday, May 6th the Choate Rosemary High School, in Wallingford, CT will be hosting a Walk and Run for Autism.  Many for my  church, The Ward Street Church of Christ, will be participating in support of one of our members niece's who has Autism. This is the type of event that the whole communi...
It is amazing how long Interest Rates on most loan programs have remained under 4%.  This week even the Interest Rates on Conventional Loan Programs dipped below 4% with no Points. I Know that we have been hearing for a while now Interest Rates being quoted under 4%, but what many Lenders some ti...
  This brought back some very old memories.  I was 10 years old when the Beatles invaded the U.S., and still remember seeing them on the Ed Sullivan Show.  I call it an invasion because they were the only thing that the younger generation talked about, especially young girls. The Middletown High...
Starting June 15th new New Short Sales Guidelines for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac backed loans will go into effect.  The new guidelines will require Servicer's to make a decision on Short Sale offers within 30-60 days.  The length of time that it presently taking Servicer's to respond to Short Sal...
  Recently my wife and I had the pleasure to go see a Junior High School performance of Beauty & The Beast at Catherine M. McGee Middle School, in Berlin, CT.  One of the performers was Theo Reed, who played one of the major characters "Clogsworth" (the clock).  The performance by all the kids w...
  Spring is here so here is a few things that you might consider doing aroundthe house now that the weather is warm again.  Start by taking a walk around the house, and look for things that might be in need of fixing such as: The roof Window & doors Trim that needs to be painted Gutters that need...
  Over the years I have collected cartoons that have appeared in our local News Paper the Middletown Press.  One of the ones that I have not only saved, but is hanging up on my bulletin board is the one above.    Without many words this cartoon speaks volumes of what is happening in our great co...
  Cancer is a very scary disease, and we can never take enough precautions with this disease.  That is why when I saw this sign today for a Free Oral Cancer Screening, I felt I needed to pass this offer along. We all know people that have died from this horrible disease, and maybe if it had been...
The Connecticut Republican Presidential Primary is this coming Tuesday, April 24th.  There has not been much news about this so far, so the turnout will most likely be very low.  This Tuesday could determine what candidates end up staying in the race, and which ones drop out.  It only takes a min...

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