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Too true that Millennials are chnaging the landscape of business, and in a very good way. Their ways will make those of us that can embrace work more efficiently and effectively. Great write up Kyle! Man, there are a LOT of people hating on Millennials these days. I didn't even realize just how b...
So you’ve spoken to your lender and got qualified. You’ve searched high and low with your buyer’s agent and finally found THE house. You submitted the strongest offer you could and just got word back- YOUR OFFER HAS BEEN ACCEPTED! Congratulations, but the process isn’t over yet. Now we have to w...
  Sorry about yesterday folks. Technical difficulties prevented getting an email out early and then Monday took over…   That said, please be advised I won’t be doing these anymore. Yes they have been well received and I thank you all for the interactions we’ve shared, but the workday is getting t...
  Happy Pi day ;)   Well obviously the threat of war trumps positive market data, especially when the war might be between the US and Russia…   Yep it looks like the Crimean thing is coming to a head and the pseudo saber rattling is making markets unhappy. The Dow had one of its worst days of the...
  Yesterday was another yawner in the markets with stocks/equities and bonds/rates/debt closing nearly unchanged. The good news for us was that after the 10yr treasury auction mortgage bonds seemed to regain some of the strength they had lost with the talk of winding down Fannie/Freddie.   Today ...
  Well yesterday delivered as expected. Lack of data and real news has the market wandering- stocks lost a bit yesterday but rates just keep slowly inching upwards.   The little data we’re getting, like this morning’s mortgage applications numbers, is coming in at consensus estimates and not leav...
  Ho hum… another day in the market…   Yea, yesterday’s yawner session came real close to gaining legs and being a bad day for the stock market, but the momentum wasn’t sustained and in the end not much happened. That’s probably the template we can use for today as well. Slow data and slow news d...
  Friday looked like it was going to be a lot worse than it was. Stocks and bonds took the employment report in stride and ended little changed.   Today’s artificially early trading start (it’s not really 9:30a when that bell rings this morning ;)) has no real data to drive it. Other than a few t...
  Yesterday morning’s momentum continued through the day with stocks staging another nice rally and rates getting hit a little. All of that is moot as of this morning though- it’s Employment Friday!     Let’s be clear folks- anything under 200k jobs being created is not enough, however, the 175k ...
  Yesterday’s tug of war ended up going nowhere for stocks but rates got a little help from the morning data and ended trending downward.     Today’s data is already streaming in with a job cut report indicating less layoffs were announced in Feb. Financial services lead the charge with cuts in t...

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