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An agent asked me the other day,  how we were having so much success in Short Sales.  It is very simple.  We decided to give back.  Several months ago my partner,  Charles,  and I knew several people who were struggling with a Loan Mod.   Each one had been turned down or given a run around by the...
I continue to hear agents talking about how bad this market is: All the listings are Short sales and REOs My buyers have to make 8-9 offers to get one accepted Then,  when it is accepted,  I have to wait 6 months to be paid Buyers want bargains but with multiple offers,  there are no bargains I ...
If you read my last blog about the buyer who breached the contract but got their deposit back because the contract included an unenforceable non-refundable deposit clause,  let me give you an update.  Some people are commenting on the bad buyer.  My focus in on the agents and they were the cause ...
As as a person who serves as an expert witness in real estate litigaiton cases,  I am always excited when a real case finding agrees with what I believe myself.  In this case,  are non-refundable deposits on residential property in California.  CAR has published the informatin on the case.  The b...


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Guy Berry is a frequent expert witness in real estate litigation and an accomplished trainer in real estate law and contracts. In addition he has been licensed for 30 years as an agent and managed large offices, including Coldwell Banker and Century 21.