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My blog is full of great risk management advice for real estate agents who want to stay out of trouble.
Imagine this.  The client (relatively unsophisticated) owns a little renthouse.  It goes up in value and down in basis because of depreciation. Their accountant tells them it is not doing them much good and that maybe they should consider trading up.  They contact their agent who sold them the ho...
If you got my last blog where I talked about how to find the right attorney, I realized I did not tell you what happens when you get the wrong attorney.  Let me give you a few examples. I have been on cases where buyers are suing the seller but their attorney doesn't advise them to also sue their...
If you have read my past blogs,  you know that I am a frequent expert witness in cases where real estate agents get sued. I am either hired by the Buyer, the Seller,  the Listing agent or the Buyer's agent to testify as to whether the agents met their "standard of care" during the transaction. To...
Let me start off this story by saying that I am one of the small group of people who like attorneys.  I like the way they think and really enjoy being around them.  Yes,  I know that makes me weird but as the saying goes .... the Truth shall set you free. In my practice of real estate and expert ...
If you read my blog a couple of posts back,  you will see an article.  Actually what it is,  is the first chapter in a book I am writing with the idea of helping the consumer to avoid getting ripped off by really bad agents. It is a protection book on buying and selling homes.  In my classes I te...
I am in the midst of writing a consumer protection book on buying and selling homes.  In my classes I teach at various colleges and my work as an expert witness in litigation cases,  it is amazing to me how little the public knows about how to find a good agent and the red flags that should alert...
  INTRODUCTION One of the co-author’s favorite movies is the Wizard of Oz and his favorite scene in the movie is when the characters arrive at the Emerald City and are ushered in for an audience with the Wizard.  The Wizard is this big scary head suspended in mid-air, surrounded by geysers of smo...
I recently heard in my office a discussion about open houses.  One agent mentioned that when he needed one,  he would call a top agent from another company who works the area and hold one open for him.  He's got so many,  the agent said, he can't hold them all open this weekend.  Another agent pi...
The other day and agent asked me what I thought of Buyer Broker Agreements.  He had recently lost a buyer to another agents and felt he needed to do something different.  I think he was a little shocked when I told him I would not use one. In California, we actually have three forms developed by ...
I think all of are facting this problem.  Buyers get all excited about a property,  make an offer and lose it.  Then they make another offer and with multiple offers,  lose that one too.  Then,  they finally get into contract,  only to have their agent tell them that (1) it might take 3-6 months ...


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Guy Berry is a frequent expert witness in real estate litigation and an accomplished trainer in real estate law and contracts. In addition he has been licensed for 30 years as an agent and managed large offices, including Coldwell Banker and Century 21.