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First we bail out the Wall Street crowd instead of putting some of them in prison.  Next,  it was the banks and AIG.  Now,  against most people's wishes,  here we are handing money over to GM and Chrysler.  I guess if you get big enough,  they won't let you fail.  the problem,  as I see it,  is t...
If you ask most agents this question,  they will normally say that the bank has no duty to disclose.  And,  it is no uncommon that Banks and the listing agent will tell you the same thing.  They are partially correct but the exception,  can be a really big problem. It is correct that there is a p...
Just when I think that I have a handle on the business,  there is something new that shows up. If you have a Seller who is going to get nailed taxwise,  when they close,  this might give them an advantage.  it works something like the old thing we used to be called an Installment Sale.   The diff...
On this day before Thanksgiving,  I hope you are not getting drug down by all the "chicken little" press that claims the sky is falling.  Even Warren Buffet says it is not as bad as people think.  Yes,  there is a problem but we always find a way out. My experience tells me that how your day turn...
Lawyers and frivilous lawsuits are killing real estate and in many way, the entire economy of the US.  As an expert witness,  I see abuse every time I look at a suit.  In a real estate case,  it is not uncommon to have 6 or more attorneys on the same case,  no matter how small.  On a "bad house" ...
There was a recent case in Texas,  that all agents should consider.  It had to do with a seller's misrepresentation of sq. footage.  Before you say,  what does that have to do with the agent?,  let me explain.  First of all,  if you were being examined on the stand by an opposing attorney,  who s...
If you don't know already,  the conforming loan limit is being set back to the previous level of $625,000 from the current $729,750 amount for any property that doesn't close by December 31st,  2008.  Are you aware of the major impact of this?  If you have a buyer in this range who is diddling ar...
 TRUE or FALSE It is OK that organized real estate makes it very easy to become an agent with little training in advance Once I become an agent,  most companies provide little if any real training to agent Most new agents are sent out totally unprepared,  with little supervision In most cases,  t...
The word in our market went out the other day,  and as expected,  it turned a few heads.  In our market,  KW is pretty new,  so not too many top agents are at KW or in many cases,  even heard of it. Many have asked me or emailed me to know why,  so I thought I would blast the world.  NO,  I am no...


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Guy Berry is a frequent expert witness in real estate litigation and an accomplished trainer in real estate law and contracts. In addition he has been licensed for 30 years as an agent and managed large offices, including Coldwell Banker and Century 21.