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A very humorous Blog that highlights gaffes from the MLS & ad bloopers.
It's​"hump day," and the Blooper Blog is back, my friends. There were some amazing gaffes on the MLS and in real estate advertising this week, and I have also included some older trophy winners. It seems the need for truncated speech in social media outlets is relegating proper grammar to the pa...
Welcome to your own private Oasis located in the coveted Bel Air hills. 4 bed, 3 bath, 2757 sq ft beautifully renovated one story home. This magical property is just under an acre in size with an extensive, sprawling multi-leveled backyard which includes a sleek deep water pool & spa and fruit or...
  It's Blooper Day, friends. Spelling and grammar still seem to be a challenge to many...with some hilarious results. Thanks to all of you who contributed these great gaffes from the MLS and local ads:A Pig in A Poke "House on downslop" (This must be a pigsty.)"Soda in den not included" (How abou...
Hi Folks - There were some hilarious real estate advertising bloopers this week, and I have also added a few of my all-time favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed discovering them!Tokes and Blokes“Come joint us at the open” (A high time hosted by Willie Nelson.)“Aroach from Sunset ...
 The Blooper Blog is back, my friends. Here are some old favorites mixed in with this week's rash of hilarious MLS and real estate advertising gaffes. Please enjoy:Killer deals“Appliances being de livered” (Thank you, Hannibal Lecter.)“Best price per spare foot” (No wonder you don't know if you'r...
  Hi My AR friends! I know we can all use something to lift our spirits, so I am reposting one of my blooper blogs, and I have added a lot of new material. If you laugh just once, then it was worrth the time. Stay safe and well! Huh?"Off-side parking" (I told you not to  drink and drive.)"Located...
CORONA LOCKDOWN STRESS GROOMING: Note to self:Two showers a day (Kill time counting tiles), Shave legs often (I think I see bone), Pluck eyebrows (I'm down to one), Trim bangs (I'll miss those), Polish nails (It's hard to aim while drinking), Give self pedicure (I need a toe tourniquet), Give sel...
  Blooper Day is back by request my friends. Please enjoy some of these oldies I posted, as well as a lot of new hilarious MLS gaffes to add to the bag of crazy: Fruits and Nuts"Raid your kitchen of empty wine bottles" (I'll bet I can kill off a good Cabernet faster than Raid. Just sayin'...)“Plu...
 HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO MY A.R. FRIENDS!  WISHING YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES BOUNTIFUL FOOD, WARM SHELTER, & UNCONDITIONAL LOVE  PEACE TO ALL ON EARTH                                                                                                                   GWEN BANTA                             ...
Dear AR Friends,My dog Buddy and I were attacked by 2 pit bulls last week while walking in my neighborhood. I only noticed them a split second before they jumped on me and took me to the ground. (I was holding my dog in my arms at the time.)  I sustained lacerations and bruises. Buddy ran, so the...

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