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Nashville Home Inspections - What's Wrong With This Picture? 12.1.12 Look at the picture below.  You are in a crawl space looking at the moisture barrier that covers the floor of the crawl space.  What's wrong? HINT:  Duct tape really has very little use in home construction. ANSWER:  Moisture do...
See the list below for the: 2012 Top 10 Most Common Home Inspection Discrepancies in Nashville   10.  Vegetation encroaching on the house.  Vegetation that encroaches on the home can damage the home, trap moisture against the home, and allow a path for insects, rodents and reptiles to enter the h...
Nashville Home Inspections - What's Wrong With This Picture?  11-28-12 Look at the picture below.  You are standing in a garage of a residential home looking up at the ceiling of the garage.  What's wrong? HINT:  High humidity and cool ductwork can make for a sweaty situation. ANSWER:  Sweaty ind...
Nashville Home Inspections - What's Wrong With This Picture?  11-4-12 Look at the picture below.  The picture was taken from the top of the roof of a new home, looking down into a valley of sorts.  What's wrong?  Is that a piece of debris left over from the roofers?  Or is some new type of "gutte...
Nashville Home Inspections - What's Wrong With This Picture?  10-29-12 Please look at the photo below.  I found this on a roof at a plumbing vent penetration.  What's wrong? HINT:  Do-It-Yourselfers love duct tape. ANSWER:  The neoprene composite boot for residential plumbing vent penetrations is...
Nashville Home Inspection - What's Wrong With This Picture?  10-28-2012 Please see the photo below.  You are outside a home looking at the back side of the basement exterior wall.  What's wrong?  HINT:  Hangers belong in closets. ANSWER:  Funny thing is it probably does some good.  But using a ha...
Look at the picture below.  Do you know what's missing? HINT:  Try to get a grasp on things. ANSWER:  It looks nice enough, doesn't it?  New paint and all.  But let's count the steps.  I count 5, when you include the last step up to porch.  So what is missing?  How about a "graspable handrail"?  ...
FIRE!  Do you have an emergency action plan for a fire in your home? Look at the pictures below.  Recently I inspected a townhome that was inhabited by a family of 5.  The three children were about 5, 3 and 1.5 years old.  All bedrooms are upstairs in the two story townhouse.  Across the street w...
Do you need to hire a Home Inspector in Nashville Tennessee with cat-like abilities?  Check out the photos below.  This may be the guy for you!  "I think I can, I think I can!" "I know I can, I know I can!" And then he was gone!  Luckily I was up on the roof to grab him and send him back down to ...
Do you know the Top Reasons for hiring HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC for your next Home or Commercial Building Inspection in Nashville and Middle Tennessee? Thorough: - Meets and exceeds TN Department of Commerce Rules For Home Inspections standards and rules - Approximately on-site ...

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