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Home Inspection and Commercial Building Inspections, mold assessments including mold inspections and sampling, radon testing and water quality analysis in Nashville and Middle Tennessee.
Guest Speaker The Top 10 Most Common Home Inspection Items You Need to Know About This one hour presentation lists the Top 10 Most Common Items identified by HABITEC Home Inspectors in Middle Tennessee Home Inspections and these are items you need to know about.  Richard Acree, President of HABIT...
Nashville Guest Speaker Do-It-Yourself Home Maintenance Inspections   HABITEC offers public guest speaker classes in Home Inspection topics of interest to all home owners and renters.  Please see the list of subjects below.  These classes are available to your group with Richard Acree as the Gues...
HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is pleased to announce that our Continuing Education Course for REALTORS licensed in TN has been approved again by TREC for 2011-2012!!  This 6 hour course is taught by Richard Acree, President of HABITEC shown in the pics below, and is available at ver...
Crawl Space Insulation Damage Did you know that sometimes the insulation in the crawl space gets damaged?  "How can that be?", you ask.  Well, at least I did.  Take a look at the pic below.  What do you think caused this? HINT:  Look down as well as up. ANSWER:  This is what insulation can look l...
Roof Failure and the Ripple Effect! So I was walking around the outside of a home the other day doing a Home Inspection in Nashville Tennessee and saw something frightening, yet all too familiar.  See the picture below.  I wondered how the seller could leave this for a potential buyer to see, eas...
Beware the Home Addition! One fairly frequent and common theme noticed by HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, while completing home inspections in Nashville and Middle Tennessee, is that many home additions do not stand the test of time when it comes to structural integrity.  Take a look ...
Tennessee Mold Assessments/Inspections completed by HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, involve first a mold survey or inspection where we look for "red flags" that are indicative of conditions conducive to mold growth.  Common red flags include a musty odor in the building, growth of for...
Settlement around the outside of a home can show up in many different ways. Look at the picture below.  Can you see an indication of settlement at this front porch? HINT:  Despite all the hype lately about the "green movement", going green is not always a good thing when talking about a home. In ...
When is it time to repaint your home?  Depending on many circumstances such as where you live and what kind of paint you use, the need to repaint can vary.  At other times, you can just inspect the paint on your home and make a judgement call.  Look at the picture below of a home front porch.  Ta...
Imagine you are a Home Inspector walking around the outside of the house as you start a Home Inspection.  As you walk past the chimney you look up at the top of the chimney and see what is in the photo below.  Hmmm.  That's different.  Probably should make a mental note about that and check it ou...

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