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Nashville Home Inspection - Ugly Bug Alert.   Please look at the picture below.  Ever see one of these bugs around your home?  What is it and why is it there? HINT:  It looks like a cross between a cricket and a spider.  Now that can be ugly. ANSWER:  That's it!  It's a spider-cricket!  And boy i...
Nashville Home Inspection - Exterior Lighting Installation - What's Wrong With This Picture? Please look at the picture below.  What is wrong with this exterior lighting installation? HINT:  Aren't we suppose to avoid the big power lines? ANSWER:  Yes!  So who thought it would be a good idea to p...
Nashville Home Inspection - Gutters Full of Debris?  How Bad Can it Be? Ever known that your gutters are full of debris and overflowing when it rains?  And did nothing about it?  How bad can it be?  If the gutters overflow, the water still ends up on the ground anyway, right?  Look at the picture...
Confined Spaces - When is Tight Too Tight?   by Richard Acree   http://habitecinspections.com   Recently I had a REALTOR ask if there were circumstances when an Inspector would not crawl through the entire crawl space.  I explained that sometimes we don't go everywhere in the crawl space because ...
Nashville Home Inspections - HABITEC completes another Continuing Education Class for REALTORS licensed in Tennessee. On September 12, 2011, HABITEC completed the 6 hour TREC-approved Tennessee Home Inspection Course at the Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS in Murfreesboro, TN.  The follow...
Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Panel Bonding Please look at the picture below.  What you are looking at is the inside of an electrical panel in a home.  This is a common panel installation.  There are many items that a Home Inspector should check while conducting an inspection of an elect...
Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Panel Issues -  What's Wrong With This Picture?  9.8.11 Please look at the picture below.  You are looking at the inside of an electrical panel.  It is common to find some insects inside an electrical panel, but there is a reason they are there.  Usually foo...
Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Wiring Conduit, What's Wrong With This Picture?  9.8.11 Please see the picture below.  You are looking at the exterior of a house where the house connects to a garage.  The house is on the left, the garage roof on the right.  Look at the shiny stuff in the m...
  HURRICANE IRENE FLOOD RECOVERY   and MOLD PREVENTION     RICHARD A. ACREE   http://habitecinspections.com   DISCLAIMER:  This article does not guarantee that mold will not still result from the conditions that existed before these steps are taken.  These steps below are intended to be a best ef...
  Toilet Installation Spacing   Did you know there are requirements for spacing when a toilet is installed in a home?  Not the most pleasant of topics, I know, but even more unpleasant if not done properly.  Look at the picture below.  What’s wrong?     ANSWER:  Recommended spacing around a toile...

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