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Nashville Home Inspection - What's Wrong With This Picture? HINT:  Hairy wood is rarely a good thing. ANSWER:  Everything!  What you are looking at is a piece of wood that supports a porch.  So you are looking from below the porch and the grey material at the bottom of the picture is the concrete...
Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Wiring - What's Wrong With This Picture? 7.27.11 HINT:  Orange extension cords are a red flag during a Home Inspection. ANSWER:  HABITEC does not recommend the use of an extension cord as permanent wiring.  These cords usually come with plug attachments at b...
Tennessee ranks Number 18 in CNBC rating for Top States for Business in 2011!  [Tennessee is tied with Florida for 2011] Each year CNBC ranks each state in the United States for their accessibility and business-friendly environment based on a series of metrics including Cost of Doing Business, Wo...
Nashville Home Inspection - Lintel Plate Installation - What's Wrong With This Picture?  6.25.11 HINT:  Lintel Plates are the metal strip that should be installed across the top of exterior doors and windows.  Lintel plates should extend into the exterior surface above the door and/or window they...
HABITEC announces another TREC-approved 6 credit Home Inspection Course for REALTORS in Middle Tennessee TENNESSEE HOME INSPECTION September 12, 2011 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS, 311 Butler Drive, Murfreesboro, TN 37127 Contact:  Roshawnda Perry-Barlow roshawnda@mta...
Nashville Home Inspection - Proximity of Tree to the Home - 6.13.11 Look at the picture below.  Is this OK? HINT:  Do tree limbs ever move? ANSWER:  Yes, tree limbs do move.  Even big ones.  Wind, snow, even rain (weight) can cause a tree limb to move.  This tree limb is easily in range of the ch...
Nashville Home Inspection - Proximity of Vegetation to the Structure - 6.13.11 Look at the picture below.  Is this tree too close to the house? HINT: We should not try to live like the Swiss Family Robinson. ANSWER:  YES!  In this case the tree was there first and the homeowner actually built int...
 Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Installation - What's Wrong With This Picture?  6.11.11 HINT:  If you can see the romex cable at an exterior installation, it is probably a mistake.  ANSWER:  Actually, two things are wrong.  First, this electrical circuit probably is not designed to handle...
Nashville Home Inspection - HVAC Vent Pipe Clearance - 6.11.11 Look at the HVAC furnace vent pipe below.  What's wrong with this picture? HINT:  Duct tape can burn.   ANSWER:  What you are looking at is a double wall B furnace vent pipe penetrating an attic floor.  Double wall B Vent pipe require...
What do the following two pictures have in common?             ANSWER:  Look closely at both pictures.  The first one is the HVAC ductwork in an attic.  Notice a small box mounted on top of the ductwork.  We don't see these very often when we do home inspections. Now look closely at the HVAC regi...

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