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Nashville Home Inspection - Yucki Picture Alert!  Do you know what you are looking at? HINT:  These guys come out in droves in Nashville every 13 years. ANSWER:  Dead Cicada bugs!  Hundreds of them!  YUK!  All found laying on the driveway and swept up into this pile.  YUK!  But the birds and fish...
Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Service Conductors - What's Wrong With This Picture? Look closely at the electrical service conductors in the picture below.  What's wrong? HINT:  Service conductors carry a lot of current.  What protection does it offer? ANSWER:  The composite coating over ...
Nashville Home Inspection - What's Wrong With This Picture?  5.26.11 Look at the picture below of a residential front porch with a downspout coming down from the roof above.  What is wrong in this picture? HINT:  Stains anywhere on a house can be an indication of a malfunction. ANSWER:  Clearly t...
Nashville Home Inspection - What's Wrong With This Picture? HINT:  Water is real heavy! ANSWER:  Very interesting what happened here.  What is laying on the ground in this crawl space is styrofoam insulation board that was at one time glued to the crawl space foundation wall.  The glue is the br...
Middle Tennessee Association of REALTORS Master Mind Panel Monday, May 23, 2011  11:30-1:00pm HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, will co-host a presentation at MTAR in order to help MTAR members navigate through some of the issues that may come up during a home or commercial building ins...
Nashville Home Inspection - Window Trim - What's Wrong With this Picture? Take a look at the picture below.  Have you ever seen this before?  You are looking at the window trim, sometimes called brick molding, where the vertical piece meets the window sill trim.  This trim is made of wood.  Hopef...
Nashville Home Inspection - Roof Inspection - Fishmouthing, What is That? Look at the picture below.  Can you see the fishmouthing? Find the raised shingles and you have found the fishmouthing shingles.  They are the raised shingles in a random pattern.  These shingles have raised up in the middl...
Nashville Home Inspection - Electrical Wires - What's Wrong With This Picture? HINT:  If plastic gets hot it can melt. ANSWER: Have you ever had an iron tip over and burn something?  Who hasn't right?  So imagine if this iron is set down and accidentally tips over and lies on the the Romex cable ...
Anybody know what this white stuff is?  Saw it on about 12 rafters in the same house attic. Very dry and powdery.  Test negative for mold. Richard Acree http://habitecinspections.com Comments in this blog posting are the copyrighted intellectual property of Richard Acree, President, HABITEC Home ...
 HABITEC Sponsors MTAR Luncheon with the Mayors! HABITEC Home and Building Inspections, LLC, is pleased to announce sponsorship of today's MTAR Luncheon with the Mayors!  Today at 11:30, all MTAR members with reservations are welcome to attend the luncheon at the MTAR building in Murfreesboro, TN...

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