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Genie Back in the Bottle - The Appraisal Industry   Is it already too late to put the "genie" back in the bottle? Like much of the real estate industry, "it depends" is part of any answer. First, let's look at how the magic lamp was opened and the genie was released; and the possible impact on th...
I attended a mandatory (NC) real estate "Update" class last week. One of the two classes we are required to attend annually to keep our real estate license active. The classes are four hours and are generally the kind of classes where you have to fight to stay awake. This year's class included a ...
Numbers can be a funny thing sometimes. It can often be one of those "it depends" situations. It literally depends on the purpose, presentation, creation, interpretation, formulation of percentages, and a host of other variables, which can easily be manipulated by anyone with a little mathematica...
Real estate is, and always will be, a people business. Money is a powerful motivator and one person's idea of ethics may not always agree with the next. Such can be the case with MLS reporting; sometimes. It's up to each of us to help monitor such activity and maintain the credibility of our info...
Appraisers and agents should be partners in a real estate transaction. They both have a duty to protect the best interests of their clients and no one likes it when a house appraises less than the sales price. It creates more time and less money for everyone involved.  I've always viewed appraise...
Realtors® and responsibilities will always create debate. I consider a listing agent responsible for all the information provided to "MLS" about that property. The "MLS" system is only as reliable as the information created and communicated by the listing agent; one property at a time. Real estat...
It has been said that the three most important factors in a home buying decision are location, location, location. While location is, and always will be, a key ingredient of value; size or "square footage" is also one of the most important factors in the home buying decision. Does the home have e...

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