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One of the most common questions I get asked as a credit consultant is; How can a short sale be performed without having to damage your credit? The answer is actually quite simple. Always try to prevent the damage to your report prior to the negative item(s) being placed on your report. One false...
Let us take a little look at how credit bureaus came into existence. Back around 100 years ago, if you applied for a loan, your credit file was ordered from the local credit bureau (all credit bureaus were local back than).  These bureaus were regional, and often times very small. A secretary we...
On Saturday at 2:22AM I was blessed with the gift of fatherhood. 9 long months finally came to a conclusion. My wife and I are overjoyed by this wonderful gift from God. It is moments like this that make life so awesome and amazing. Looking at my little girl makes me want to work even harder to m...
I have recently posted results online at Credit Repair Results just click on any of the blue numbers to see the actual results. Recently we have recently setup a back end system for our referral partners where they can track the progress of the clients that they have submitted to us for processin...
After reading a number of posts here on Active Rain about credit repair, as well as doing a lot of research, I have concluded that most Realtors and loan officers have had bad experiences with Credit Repair. Being Realtor/Loan Officer for the last 5 years as well as owning a credit repair company...
We have posted some of our clients results online Effective Credit Repair.
Many of you have heard of Ron Paul, many of you have not. This coming presidential election is very important as times are getting tough. Both parties have caused so many problems, and either way you will end up with the same situation. The only person that can change this country is someone who ...
For all of those who are scared about dropping values and increased foreclosures, there is one aspect of the real estate market that will soar, and that is the RENTAL MARKET. The basics of supply and demand state that when there are fewer homes available to rent, and many people will not buy, ren...
Have you ever heard of an H.S.A. (Health Savings Account) where you can deposit money into a TAX-DEDUCTIBLE account and pay your premiums out of this account?What is a Health Savings Account ('HSA')?A Health Savings Account is an revolutionary alternative to traditional health insurance; it is a ...
For those of you who are not familiar with HSA or health savings accounts are losing money everyday. Congress passed a law last year that allows you to save hundreds of dollars health insurance in San Diego, Orange County, and Los Angeles, as well as other California Health insurance. While many ...

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