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Some interesting statistics about the market right now for Sonoma County CA as of March 14th, 2008. My appraiser put these numbers together for me to get an idea of what is going on in each section of western Sonoma County (basically, along the hwy 101 corridor).A short sale is when a seller plan...
OK, here's the scoop. We can utilize government loan programs to buy homes with only 3% down payment. In some high cost areas, you can buy a home up to $750,000. I am going to try and embed a video here for your viewing pleasure.....
OK. We have the new loan limits and I am posting them below. Here is the big deal. FNMA, FHLMC & FHA have the same limits. One big difference is that FNMA & FHLMC will not accept 2, 3 & 4 unit properties on the new higher loan limits. They have more restrictions as well but here is a list by cou...
FHA Mortgage Limits List - FHA Forward Mortgage maximums as of Friday March 07, 2008 (58 records were selected, records 1 through 50 displayed) MSA Name MSA Code Division County Name CountyCode State One-Family Two-Family Three-Family Four-Family Last Revised OAKLAND-FREMONT-HAYWARD, CA METROPOL...
I want to give you the basics of credit scoring and how to maintain healthy credit. Your credit score or FICO score is based on a computer model. All 3 credit bureaus currently use a variation of the FICO model. Payment History - 35% of your score Pay your bills on time! This is the biggest porti...
There are 4 ways to qualify for a loan:1. Full Doc - We fully document all of your income and assets. If you are an employee, we will ask to see 2 years W2's and 1 month worth of paystubs. If you are self employed, we will need to see 2 years tax returns and in some cases a YTD profit and loss st...
Let's get one thing straight here. My goal is for all of my clients to reach what I call their Freedom Point. I define a Freedom Point when you have enough assets to pay off your mortgage and it then becomes your choice to pay it down, pay it off or not. That can be achieved by paying down or pay...
Here is the scoop. Direct lenders call centers are basically self service, I lump them in with internet based companies. If you know exactly what you want and need and are willing to time the market on your own, you may get a good deal. You may also get big fat headaches and a lot of running arou...
Ok, here's the deal. My business man brain is telling me to look at this question and give you a bunch of dry answers about how you can buy a house for little or no money down and what the upcoming conforming and FHA loan limit increase means to you.That isn't really the way I want to write this....
I was asked this question a lot back in 1992-1993 and it seems to have become the favorite question again lately. We were in a similar market back then, we had come off of a nice run up in real estate values followed by a pretty hard crash and we were limping along trying to make sense of it all....

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