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Intended to share information, ideas, and tips on buying and selling real estate in Phoenix, Arizona. Written by realtor and radio host, Harry F. D'Elia. This Blog focuses on the creation of wealth through real estate and is involved in teaching others how to conservativley buy and sell real estate to enhance one's current portfolio. Agent's are welcome to follow along and learn from Harry how to successfully meet your clients needs.
FHA BUYER PURCHASES FOURPLEX PRIMARY RESIDENCE HIRES ME FOR PHOENIX PROPERTY MANAGEMENT Many young buyers forget that they can purchase their first property up to four units. I assist many Phoenix home buyers purchase their first property using FHA mortgage as long as the buyer lives in one of th...
THANKS FOR ANSWERING YOUR PHONE TODAY I know many of us spend many marketing dollars each and every month to make the phones ring. Statistics say we have less than five minutes to respond to a message left by a prospect before they call the next real estate agent. I will never understand why real...
SUNDAY PHOTO I had the honor in viewing a nice condo in a great location of town. The condo association keeps excellent care of the landscaping. Many people love this location of town because it is convenient to the following: Shopping Schools Work Restaurants Shopping  The owner was showing the ...
HARRY’S TOP 5 NETWORKING TIPS WHEN ATTENDING SOCIAL FUNCTIONS I am sure many of us attend many social functions throughout the month. We have many opportunities to pitch our real estate business. However, we must get it right the first time so that people understand who we are and what we do for ...
HARRY’S TOP FIVE WAYS TO STAY POSITIVE DURING DIFFIFULT TIMES How many of us get depressed at times? All we hear on the media is negative news on a daily basis. Where does one get filled up with positive energy? It is not the national media. I have thrown my television into the garbage. I refuse ...
HOW DO YOU START OFF MONDAY MORNING? We all have different ways to start the beginning of the week. We have a set standard that gets us from Monday to Saturday each week. I have read a couple notes on how different people start their week. Let me share my little ritual each Monday morning.   Look...
SUNDAY QUOTE ON SELF REFLECTION The unexamined life is not worth living. By Socrates Many people across the world are celebrating Easter for religious purposes. Also, today is a day for self reflection in my opinion. I love reading quotes from other people to relate to my world. I was searching f...
ACCEPT RENTAL PARTIAL PAYMENTS THE CORRECT WAY PHOENIX PROPERTY MANAGEMENTThere are more and more people investing in real estate for retirement purposes. That means being a landlord is all new to them. Many people start by managing their own properties thinking that it is easy. It is easy when w...
LOCAL MARKET REPORTS MAKES THE PHONES RING It seems every local real estate market is crazy this time of year. Many cities across America are experiencing low inventory, mortgage rates are low and there is a high demand for quality homes for first time home buyers. How do we attract more business...
FOLLOW UP AND MORE FOLLOW UP LEADS TO NEW CLIENTS We all know that everyone is busy regardless where one lives in the world. Many of you know that I provide Phoenix Property Management services. I conduct online and offline marketing to make my phone ring. Also, I have a great referral business w...

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