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  Just when you thought you were NOT confused on facebook...   Here comes ANOTHER change! Facebook recently announced a 'confidential' change to the way people engage with fan pages. While many are still trying to figure out the difference between a group and a fan page, Facebook is now going to...
Facebook is all the rage. Like many, I can attest to the power of it. It truly is a powerful place! (*currently 96% of my business comes through facebook*) First let's talk about reasons for having one. Although many consultants don't want or need a fan page, I had very specific reasons for creat...
Yes, facebook has changed again! Here is a quick video peek at the changes. What do you think?  
"I just use facebook for my personal stuff", is a comment that I often hear when talking to people. That's understandable, facebook is a platform where you connect with friends and family members. That doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't use it to tell others about your business. I don't me...
Linkedin just became more relevant and interesting for a lot of people! The new integration between twitter and LinkedIn is simple, yet powerful! Simple in the sense that this isn't some 'new major change' that you have to learn or understand. Powerful in the sense that you will now feel a sense ...
Change is hard, and that sentiment is echoing daily among Facebook users since the social networking site made changes to the way that it displays information that is posted. The bad news is, it's probably not 'coming back'. So rather than pout and suck thumbs, we have to get used to it, or find...
Having been an active Real Estate Agent for 15 years, I now speak and consult on social networking. My focus is not only on the use of these tools, but more specifically on having and delivering the right message (aka Your image and brand). I often say "you have a brand, whether you mean to or no...
I work with a LOT of small businesses and independent entrepreneurs, and all too often I find that the biggest challenge that they have isn't just "needing more business". Yes, that appears to be the challenge but, the business is out there! The challenge is leveraging their time & money in the ...
This is a very important post. I am amazed and how little media coverage it has gotten. So far, NO one that I know was aware of it! Be informed. While we all want to be good to the planet, we sometimes lose sight of the forest for the trees. Many people are hypnotized by the "idea" and don't see ...
Kevin Hall, author of "Aspire" is a "words afficianado". He studied the words used by salespeople and discovered a distinct and VERY consistent pattern of differences.   (Consider these words not in a "learn a script" kind of way, but in the "where they come from" way. I mean think about the min...

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After nearly 15 yrs in the Real Estate Industry, I now do what I love most! Helping Brokers and business owners succeed! I can help anyone improve their sales and marketing effectiveness! Through speaking, coaching, tutoring and training, I help Entrepreneurs become more effective by branding who they are, using social networking (on and offline) to create loyal fans (not just one-time clients!) and other simple but powerful marketing strategies! Let me help you learn how easy it can be! "When what you're selling is YOU, there can be no competition!" ~HeatherO' Offering Online and Offline Workshops and training in: Finding your niche Turbo Charge Your Business by Building it around your purpose Twitter, Facebook, blogs & other Social Media Power Tools! Simple yet Powerful Branding! Become a MAGNET! Creating your own story BEING YOU! Authenticity is where it's at! and more!