This is a great contest topic because you need to speak from your gut and your heart. My city is Carmel-by-the-Sea and it is truly unique, I believe. So, for the April contest, here goes:You might be from Carmel-by-the-Sea if you like plein aire art. Yes, artists have flocked to this jewel on th...
Is it like this everywhere or am I just experiencing a huge upswing in buyers and sellers?At this point, my listings are moving so fast, I don't even keep my signs up once they are pending and effectively off the market. I don't want prospective buyers to lose heart in their search for their hom...
As a board member  of the annual Carmel Art Festival, I am getting into the exciting part, that of organizing it. Right now we are putting the PROGRAM together to hand out to the thousands of plein air art lovers who come to Carmel-by-the-Sea every year to buy "fresh" art. That means contacting a...
Yes, I have been busy with a variety of clients but nothing I can't handle. It's been exciting, actually, because each client has a totally different transaction.BUT NOTHING I CAN WRITE ABOUTYou see, my clients read my blogs too and there is no way I can dish out the wonderful details here.SO WHA...
It seems to me that I am getting more calls these days directly from consumers about my recent listings. These are not calls generated from my yard signs (although I get those as well), but these are consumers who are looking on the Internet. These are consumers who want to talk to the listing ag...

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