The market is what the market is, and I can't change that. We real estate professionals must tell sellers what the market price is of their property.  We show them comps, what has sold during the last few months and what is for sale. Yes, those still for sale might have a high sales price, but wh...
TO SET THE SCENE:A cup of tea on hand and the laptop in front of me, I was just about to take a few minutes to check in on Activerain. This is my way to relax, or shift gears, from another very busy day.THEN THE CALL COMES:It goes something likes this: "Are you still in real estate?" Yes, I confi...
This morning, quite early and still dark, I happen to drive by my latest listing. The lights were on everywhere. My seller client was obviously getting an early start on his first showing later today.  It's so great to see the excitement that my seller has about this first showing.Selling a home...
YOU BE THE JUDGE:I am standing in the front yard of a home, waiting for the listing agent to arrive. He had promised to explain the house, it's history, it's problems, it's everything...something that I didn't want to pass up. No, this is not stuff you find on the MLS. It had also been in and out...
Today, I had one of those wonderful days in Carmel-by-the-Sea. Although usually I like to be thought of as a "listing agent", today I was a "buyers agent." Now, I don't know if this is only in the luxury market, but all the listing agents I called about setting up a viewing went way beyond what o...

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