Listing and selling real estate in California and Hawaii keeps this real estate broker on her toes. Every morning I get up and look on my to-do list which I have prepared the night before.Sounds simple, doesn't it? Then phone calls, emails and text messages come in which usually change my priorit...
An email today made me ponder why a buyer's agent would ask me certain questions that should be addressed in an official offer. Question 1: Will the seller provide owner financing.Owner financing was not mentioned in the MLS.Should I go to my seller and ask him just to see if he's changed his min...
Yesterday was going to be a very busy day for me showing homes here in Northern California. The market is HOT to say the least and my listings are getting lots of attention.But first I had to handle an early morning phone call from my neighbor."DID YOU SEE THAT BIG TREE LYING ON THE POWER LINES I...
Every time I drive through a certain part of the redwoods near my second home in Northern California, and where I am at the moment, everyone tries to reach me. This is the stretch where there are NO BARS on my cell phone.Either the phone rings just before I am about to go through that stretch, or...

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