News reports tell us that 120 million people purchased stuff on the Internet today, presumably for Christmas. According to GOOGLE, in 2015 the US had a population of 321.42 million people. Figure that 74.2 million are children under 18, that means that almost half of all adults in the US were bu...
From Thanksgiving until the end of the year, it's always interesting where my head is at as far as my real estate business is concerned. There are still so many things to complete for 2016 including current escrows , clients looking for a property right now and, of course, taking advantage of all...
A good friend of mine has an 18 year old kitty which she absolutely loves and which has been ready to go into kitty heaven several times. I don't know how many lives this kitty has left, but it can't be that many...if any. The sad thing is that it's doting owner has been loath to leave this kitt...
A day in the life of a real estate broker can change from day to day depending on what my client load is. And whether I am working with buyers or sellers, or both. But there are certain parts of my day that tend to remain the same.Let's take a week earlier this month when I did the following:1. C...
The real estate business is like no other where agents work hard for their clients until there is a closing. And at which time the agents gets paid.Real estate agents spend countless hours working not only towards finding a home that the buyer will consider putting an offer on, but also the follo...
Am I the only one being affected by the shorter days and longer nights? I seem to be working at the oddest hours such as right now when it is 3:37 AM -- and I've been at it for a couple of hours. I had taken some photos for a listing and needed to get them up on the MLS. There is a caravan starti...

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