My market isn't "hot" in the usual sense of the word. On the Monterey Peninsula it's all about the LOCATION. There are so many luxury estates for sale at many millions of dollars in Pebble Beach, for example,  and they don't fly "off the shelves".Even in Pebble Beach's surrounding cities such as...
 Amazon found a "niche" and look at it now.Facebook found a "niche" and look at it now.Hella Mitschke Rothwell found a "niche" and look at me now.SAY WHAT?Not that I would compare my real estate brokerages to these giants - wish I could - but I do tend to think big so my "niche" is more "out of t...
 HOT markets are mainly in larger metropolitan areas but that doesn't mean there aren't "flash points" in smaller areas. Here in northern or central California, that can be a place like Silicon Valley with good paying, high tech jobs or places like the beautiful Monterey Peninsula that is just a ...
 The real estate profession is like no other, even though we like to compare ourselves with such professionals  as attorneys and, for some reason, doctors and dentists. Like us, they also deal with the public on a daily basis and work with highly confidential information. Like us, they are licens...

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