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Helping REALTORS add technology to their real estate toolkit. What are you doing to make your business better this year?
How to get, send and receive referrals in Real Estate.  It's been an amazing start to the year and it's been about referrals for me!  I have sent 3 so far in the past 90 days.  I taught my over 80 year old Father to "lurk" on Facebook a few years back and he's enjoying watching the progress of th...
It is that time of year. If you are planning to sell this year.                   More houses will close in May than any other month.  It is in your best interests to have your house listed before the rush so your compettition is lower. Less inventory makes your sales price higher. If you need a ...
Yes in over 20 years I have met many folks who really wanted me to tell them "white lies" about real estate. I have learned that telling you the truth, while that may be uncomfortable for a minute, is the best way to decide if we should work together or not. Those folks who insist on hearing what...
When you see statistics about Real Estate it may be a national compilation or speak specifically about a particular state. A new Job Description for REALTORS Rarely does it drill to the level where a buyer or seller could rely on the numbers. Click the above link to see NAR statistics for 2013 ab...
This schedule applies to the North Texas Metroplex only where our high season is summertime. January and February are popular relocation months as the new corporate budgets go into effect even though most families would prefer a move in May or June. March is when we see an increase in Listings an...
If you are thinking about making a move now and have to sell your house: Please read the following thoughts now. You won't have to struggle to make a decision with this information. Yes now can be a great time to sell your home and you could be moved by the first of the year or early January 2014...
Reasons that I love the Real Estate business:  We moved 21 times before I turned 18! Mom loved taking us to "get decorating ideas" at the new home developments-4 wild and crazy little kids-sorry guys-I'm paying that one back now! My Grandmother insisted that my Grandfather build her a house befor...
Remember when?  Art Linkletter was asked about the idea of spending time with loved ones this is what he said: "I once asked a five-year-old what he would take with him if he were going to Heaven. He replied, 'I would take my parents because I think that up there they would have more time with me...
While I would love to share a cool story that a good friend of mine shared with me we can't do that here for fear of copy right issues so for my friends who might want a copy or those who might want to be a friend, you can get a copy as well. If you are not a REALTOR just e-mail me at  HelpRhome@...
Did you spend some time in December or January: Business planning to find out how much your time HAS to be worth to earn your goal this year? If I spend 15 minutes it gets expensive so I better know how to SPEND it well! 15 minutes spent per day on Facebook Goals:   5 minutes: to make 10 comments...

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