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You know sometimes I end up speaking to people in other countries during my workdays. Today I had called India for help on their 800 number 5 times and I was more than a little bit peeved when they continued to cut me off and disconnect every time they put me on hold. I didn't know at the start t...
March 15, 2008 the downpayment assistance programs are going to end. So IF you are thinking about buying a home and think that you might have wanted to take advantage of this program, NOW is the time to be calling. Right now. It can take up to 30 days to close from contract to closing. I do know ...
If you look at the top ten most expensive places for a renter to live in this country, you will notice that North Texas is not on that list. Why do rental rates go up? It's called scarcity. When the number of rental units drop, the cost of renting a home goes up! Simple supply and demand. So, if ...
In no particular order:The cheesecake factory and a good movie at Stonebriar mall!Spending the day with just myself-reading non-work related books or cooking and singing along to the oldies-I'm sometimes an incredible cook! but, my daughter is better!Spa day's on a cold winters day! either out or...
It crossed my mind that some of you might appreciate a list of Holidays that you could use with your marketing plans for the year or just to create your own calendars and events. So today I'm sharing: This Holidays calendar includes as many holidays as I could find for any reason anywhere in the ...
SURPRISE!The answer to this question may surprise you. Now let me state unequivocally I am NOT suggesting that anyone should discriminate! The law may be a misunderstood law is the point! This question came up on Yahoo answers where I spend a little time answering questions and bragging about REA...
20 questions?How many questions are you asking your customers before you take off on a mission thinking that you know exactly what they need? My youngest has recently brought 20 questions back into my life and it made me consider recently that it really is a great game for grownups to play as wel...
I have to admit, when I first moved back to Texas I wasn't as familiar with the Flora and Fauna as I might have been. I'm not sure that most people think to study the animals in the environment that they may be moving into. I have lived in many different places in my life and found that it may be...
People come into your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime.I know I have seen this before and perhaps you have too but, maybe right now if you are reading this it is because it is time to think it over one more time. Have you ever had a buyer come into your life and burn your fingers and the...
Today is the DAY that I celebrate 18 years in Real Estate. January 2, 1990. It doesn't seem so long ago. How should I celebrate? Hmmm. I still have some of the New Year's wine left in the bottle? OR I could get on the phone and make phone calls until I find a buyer-Like I did in the old days! At ...

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