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I spoke about this earlier today and as I was on my realtown blogs I saw a note from a Gentleman in Michigan who suggest 15 minute open houses and I kind of like that idea. From what I can tell they gather the buyers at one starting point and give them flags to identify that they are a part of th...
I have a wonderful friend who is now looking for a job in Title work, she is a closer, if you know of anyone who is hiring I'd like to give them her information. She is the one who shared the idea for this chart with me and I love to use it with tenants who are still confused about their choices....
I just clicked on the number of people online a moment ago and found this unusual post about Sex and real estate and there is actually a book about it. As I considered the post it hit me I have a couple of stories that might have been considered for that book if only the author had known. The boo...
This link suggests that the answer to the question is not so much! those Sellers who are wanting their REALTOR to hold an open house think about these real statistics:But, wait just a minute: In the past two months I personal...
I am thinking about what you would want to see here and have several different ideas. One thing I've learned about buyers-it's more about the questions I ask then the information that I put out there. Realtors who have been through my technology classes know that most of the time I will ask them ...
Call to Action   Daily property updates in your Inbox:Actually this is you, Calling me, to Action if you have an interest in the North Texas Area. I would be pleased to give you daily updates or as they happen updates on the real estate sales in your area. This is not something that we are allowe...
I am at my desk early today and thinking about the next few weeks, it struck me that now may be a good time to remind you that it isn't always a good time of year if you aren't cautious.  We have finally found the cool weather and that means the Holidays are on the way. It has always seemed to me...
It seems like this time of year everything slows down and collects itself for the burst of life that is spring. *Now is the time we clean out the house with the heavy equipment.*Empty the fridge and really get it sparkling clean. *Defrost the freezer in the gargage.*Let's get crazy and pull them ...
This is a very common question from a buyer to a REALTOR. Perhaps before you get to this question you should ask them 3 others: 1. What would be nice to have in your next property?   3 answers please?2. What do you have to have in your next property?    3 answers please?3. What do you absolutely ...
What about that ongoing question Rent versus Buy in todays slightly strange homebuying market? I was shocked to learn recently, and you may be too, that 33% of all households are renting their home!My thought provoking question of the day is simply this: If you are one of those people is it still...

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