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Our youngest daughter Alison, surprised us today with an e-mail that said she is one of 3 in the District with a shot at getting (winning) a $1000. savings bond for her poster.  The energy company Oncor came by their school and brought big pads of drawing paper, Markets, Crayons, colored pencils ...
If you have kids or know folks who have kids this is so much fun to do!  Checkout NORAD's Santa Tracker. Share it with the young ones or the young at heart! This has become a tradition in our home and I hope sharing it here will help keep your little ones and the young at heart busy, too.  Ali is...
Did you know that it was Martin Luther on the way home at Christmastime who saw stars through a pine tree. It so overwhelmed him with it's beauty that he had to share that beauty with his family. He brought in a little tree and lit candles so they could see the "stars" as he had. So started the t...
Just got the results back on the Hubby's cancer fight-He's winning! Numbers are undetectible and if you have had or ever known anyone in that fight you know there is no better gift. So this year at least my Christmas is perfect! It doesn't matter what else happens or doesn't happen-I'm good!- bee...
I admire those folks who let the entire world know who they are right from the cradle. Most kids seem to do that naturally then somewhere along the line we lose some of that voice that says, "Hello world, here I am: like me or not, I'm happy with who I am and so there." It disappears. Why does it...
This is an open letter to Lisa Molino, an aspiring Networker who taught me something today! We both joined an online Networking group on Linkedin and she was mystified that no one was "talking" in the group it seemed that all they wanted was to connect to anyone/everyone and that is like taking a...
Rambles this morning- Love the concept: The Group from Colorado They started Ninjas-I found them years ago and loved the CRS class on Ninja Selling-Now I am liking the blog posts! Like everyone else I too come from someplace- This same topic came up yesterday when talking with one of our agents- ...
When I thought of what I wanted to say today I thought of all of the good things that have happened this year and then realized-some of those I would have to "spin" to find the good in it.  Maybe what I am most thankful for is the ability to find the good in all that has happened. Our youngest da...
I need to start at the beginning. We usually vote 2-1/2 blocks from home-not today(budget cutbacks?) We still went to the old place a school and found a map with print so tiny I had to dig out the handy (for maps) magnifying glass and an extra flashlight to see the new polling places. Identified ...
I know, maybe not the best post for Friday-but wouldn't it be good to know? It has to do with growing up trying to be perfect. So the higher your standards for yourself---the worse you might be at procrastination. Whew what a relief. So how do you solve for that kind of problem? It still does cau...

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