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Helping REALTORS add technology to their real estate toolkit. What are you doing to make your business better this year?
I didn't write this but, got it by e-mail with no discernable author.-This is too important to not share-I do care who you vote for but, it is more important to care that you do vote. My only additional comment to this plea is this my grandmother also lived to almost 90. May we all vote that long...
 Check Facebook for September Housing market numbers- Looking like it's still a good strong Buyer market.
It's that time of year: Hunters Glen in Plano, Tx is having their Bi-annual Fall Garage sale this Saturday from 8-2 pm. 10/09/2010 Hope to see you there. See map below. SEast Corner of Independence and Legacy  Shopping starts at 8am-2pm Pickup maps at Schilmelfenig Middle school (Timothy and Maum...
Good Grief: When you answer questions online take one more step and when you spell check, grammar check and re-read what you wrote-for heaven's sake if you are in a bad mood-Let the post sit overnight! It stays out there forever and while you may not feel that way tomorrow the attitude is still o...
13 hits just this morning after loading this video to We appreciate your comments! Video Open house  Call me to walk the property  972-907-0000 x 212  or e-mail for more information  5707 Abingdon in Richardson, Tx 75082 is located 8 houses off of Murphy Road a...
Are you over-relying on magical (no need for action) thinking? Systems solve and can stand-in for Magical thinking. I read an ad on "magical (no need for action)" and it got me to thinking about how we might be running our businesses today. This speaks to a written action plan and systems that su...
Why not? Listen to this video and you might change how you are doing business. It was amazing and I think I will be doing business a bit differently.  Check it out: they test drove the REALTORS in one city! This is an important point How many do you think answered their phone immediately? Listen ...
I have learned to edit down to 140 characters unless my brain takes over my hands then I blog and send the Tweet readers and Facebook friends here to get the whole story! It has really helped to edit my advertising too. Now I can write really effective real estate ads in almost no words or less! ...
Credit scores are important to folks considering buying almost anything today. They also impact your employment-more and more Employers are checking your credit to see if you are $ savvy prior to a hiring decision. Fixing errors can make a difference. Check out the "how to" video and find the for...
Who built it? This question is just like it's sister question=How much is that one??? For those of you who feel like Whaaat? when another REALTOR asks that question here is the 20/20 hindsight answer. Einstein says I shouldn't have to memorize it if I can look it up. Heh if he does...

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