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We were reminded today of a strange quirk in the system. Some people have mentioned that they were considering voting cross party some in Democratic and some in repubican parties this time. We were told that in the primary this is not allowed. At our local level it affects people that we do want ...
There is a vote coming as you know and they are trying to change homestead laws for people over 65, for heaven's sake! Be sure to vote on this even if you aren't over 65 yet. READ the ballet! It counts for more than you think!   
***This property is in MEXICO the country, but there is no way to list it that way*** I am working with a developer who is building new Condos listed at 145,000 and may be rented for approximately $2K/month (approximately when not in use by owners) Also single family villa homes at $220,000.This ...
I look for ways to better my business from a technical standpoint all of the time. One of those ways is to reconnect with old friends and colleages. This site will let you do that as well and it's free at the basic level-or course you can do more if you pay for it. I have found a few old work bud...
SO did Swiss Family Robinson for my daughter. We try to encourage her to be as big a reader as we are so this last trip to the library I picked up the 8th Habit by Covey and since we were called out of town on Sunday afternoon-I took it with me-Luckily I am one of those strange people who can rea...
REALTORS can be very sensative people we take what we do seriously and to heart. We are like the rest of the world we really don't like to fail our customers and we love to get a win-win where everyone gets something valuable and walks away from the closing table happier than when they arrived. T...
North Texas is brr cold-not as cold as other places in this fine country but, cold enough for us to pull our scarves closer around our necks and huddle just a little bit closer together. I am finding blankets in places I don't usually see them. There is one in my car, upstairs in the workshop nex...
If you are a Covey fan then you will be familiar with the "7 habits of highly effective people"-This is one of the business books that I think we should require ourselves to re-read every few years or so. As we are growing up it is fun to see how far our development has progressed since the last ...
The IRS knows our social security numbers don't give them out over the phone even if someone calls talking about the Bush refunds! and the IRS.This is identity theft that can be easily avoided. It seems the bad guys are trying to divert money from people who are deserving of it.If we publish this...
I have to say thanks to the AR's. You have helped me become better at blogging! I read your blogs and they give me ideas that have helped me move my blog to number 4 in my area. Today I invited the entire office to become bloggers so you may see more of us Suburbs people talking about North Texas...

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