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The morning news crew thought to ask if today is a holiday about money or one about love and they even took a poll! The ladies voted for love and didn't really care what a man spends as long as they "spend" time with them. The men thought it was about money-mostly and some of the ladies said they...
Is it all about cost or price? That's what our news group was talking about this morning. Men said yes, ladies said it's about love and some ladies said they didn't need a man to enjoy the day. Personally I enjoy enjoying it with all of my family.It's strange the things that are marked by this da...
I had a call from an "out there later" seller today. He's planning for the future sale and wanted to know if replacing his HVAC unit now would be valuable in two years when they plan to sell the house. Well I know that there are all different values to HVAC units when you buy them and that result...
It's funny that this is a true statement when it comes to real estate as well. I was playing with adwords on Google and had so much fun finding out what words work at which time of the year. What a neat exercize!  So this time of year coming up-for your information, people are interested in learn...
What do the two have in common? Dad sent a touching e-mail this morning about old barns. It is a story about how a farmer sees his old barn and about how the townie that just moved in down the road sees that beautiful silvered wood old barn. The townie wanted to buy the barn to use as panelling f...
Things are picking up-they say if you want to get something done give it to a busy person. I think I'm the one you will want to ask this week. Not only is Valentines Day in play. We also have the RE/MAX regional meetings in Dallas this week and I have buyers who are in active mode-which simply me...
It's cookie time!As an old? Girl Scout all the way through High School! I am reminding all that it is cookie time again and they will probably be delievered in March-The booth sales usually held at some of the local grocery and department store will happen in March so if your favorite Girl scout ...
Where is the one place that you are almost guaranteed to find people who will have to make a moving choice probably every year?Where is the one place where you can find out how much they might be paying for their current home right now-and they are used to paying and maybe comfortable with that a...
I need a new owner. I'm only 2 years old! Make me a home again?
I need a new owner. I'm only 2 years old! Make me a home again?

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