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Are we really doing all we can do for our customers? Can we truely keep up with the changes coming at us?
Well today I sit wondering about the past year and especially the past month in regards to my short sales, listings especially. During the month of December I had an especially hard that I mean affected me emothionally and personally.  I had a listing for a short sale $120,000.00 to wh...
I have been meeting with alot of people these days, discussing their options with their home being underwater... I hear many of them indicating that they are speaking to attorneys who say the risk is to great to short sale and that they should just walk away from their home.  I just can't beleive...
Okay, today I'm so frustrated with the Banks in dealing with short sales. I know I am not alone in this frustration but instead of lamenting on the terrible outcome, I want to get some feedback on any shortsale transactions here in southern california especially that it seemed that the bank was i...
Well just wanted to put this question out to other agents... It seems to be a big deal to some and to others not much..I admit when my broker first posed the question to me years ago, that he wanted to know if I was a buyers agent or a listing agent?  I was insulted, I thought do I have to label ...
In this market I know many of us come across so many people that are hurting...losing a job, divorce or death and illness.  We have a responsiblity to help, you may say why me? I ask you if you where in their shoes wouldn't you want someone to come along and help?  So as Realtors we need to train...
Well this weekend i received an odd call, my broker, he had to ask if I had something to tell him.... this was weird. What had happened was that he had gotten a letter from the DRE indicating that my license was no longer with him but had been placed somewhere in San Diego, mind you I am in the I...
Well I gotta say that this market is surely shaping up to be a whirlwind! Besides listing "Short Sales" how many of you are writing offers up on "short sales". I tell you I've been in this business a long time so i really don't need the practice any more!LOL Yeah, I guess when you do enough of th...
Well in reading the current thing about what happens when a realtor takes a 2nd job...What does happen? I mean as of today, i'm getting up at 4:00am to work on files but shortly i will dress and don my 2nd hat for the day, a barista/Gelato bar owner. Yeah that's right, I went out and created my o...
Well here it is, I think I've finally completed my  training needed for my CRS designation. I thought i would be doing more classes but when i went to check my inventory history i well exceeded the minimum required. Yeah, most of you probably have that memorized but not me. I keep up my database ...

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What is the new challenges is the real estate market? Are we really just trying to promote ourselves or are we trying to promote our clients? I mean just lookat our ads... Do we stand out among all the other agents, I don't know about you but i really want to promote my listings and draw attention there not on me.