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Writing about Portland Oregon Neighborhoods. Articles include how-tos as well as how-to-nots. Learn all about Fixers and Rehabs. Stop by for insightfull stories some funny some sad some informative as we cruise through the Neighborhoods of The Rose City Portland Oregon.
I know how Buyers and Sellers feel. It just makes you want to shout, " Hello are You There! " You just wonder sometimes. Here is my steam blowing dilemma. A few weeks ago I took a BPO order which was to be an interior inspection with photo's. Now you may or may not know but the companies that sen...
Portland Market March 2013 vs March 2012. Over the last 5 years the Real Estate Market for Seller's has been admittedly pretty lousy. We all have been waiting for the market to return to some what normal. Well those days are here and now. Last year at this time we were hopeful that we would see a...
So your sitting around the house and wondering about the current value of your home. After talking it over with your spouse and getting the input of a few friends you find yourself perplexed wondering about CMA's, BPO's and Appraisals. Just what are these three and what do they mean to you? Lets ...
Over the last 24 plus years I have helped investors Purchase some of the greatest Buys that the Portland Oregon market as ever known. Investors come and they go but the Deals always seem to be there. Now you too can enjoy the benefits of working with one of Portland Oregon's most savvy Real Estat...
The Market is Back or is it? Yes we all have been waiting for this day when we all could see things return to a little normalcy. Yet some of us still have a long way to go. How is that you say! The Market is booming, we are getting multiple offers in just hours! For some that's true but still for...
Do you have a New Years Resolution? Have you had them in the past and have you kept them? I have, that is to say I have had them in the past but most often I have not kept them! This year will be different! Because this year it needs to be. My New Years resolution is to go back to work. For a Rea...
The subject of Guns in our society has always been a polarizing subject. Each and every time the conversation has come up it is immediate smacked down. It seems as if no conversation is allowed about the subject that isn't viewed as some harsh stance against gun owners and their rights. In my vie...
Here are a few simple tuths that I believe in : I believe in paying my fair share of taxes. I believe that placing your funds in another Country to avoid that burden is extremely one sided. I believe that money in circulation comes full circle. I believe that people with no jobs have no money to ...
So youve had a few agents out and there has been some talk about selling your home as a Short Sale. You think that you have this short sale stuff down cold? Really ? Here are a few things that might not have come up in the conversations that you have had about selling your home Short. Short sales...
Every body knows someone who has either SOLD their home or BOUGHT there home under a Short Sale circumstance. You may know or have heard the stories about people who have saved tens of thousands of dollars or in some cases even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Well I am here to tell you those st...

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