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Home Builder - Servpro of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon - Fire/Water Certified
My husband and I bring 25 years in general contracting and hazard mitigation to our family owned business, where we clean and remediate after a fire, water or mold emergency. I enjoy writing for local papers and online e-mags about home safety tips and how to prevent our having to come and clean your home or business after a flood or fire.
Heavy Rain today could flood Scarsdale businesses & homes in 10583, so check for a wet basement or attic! One favorite show years ago was "Hill Street Blues."  Am I dating myself here, or what? So, if you saw the reruns or are as old as us, you may remember the Captain saying, "Be careful out the...
This is a worthy blog from our Rainmaker, Reuben, with odd weather and icy temps, then 60 degree days. Most business and homeowners / sellers are not aware of the damage that an ice dam buildup can cause.  Remember that DIY is great, but getting on a ladder or on the freezing ground to clear gutt...
Hoarding Defined & 6 Tips to Help You & Yours, or Clients in Scarsdale, NY 10583.  Writing this blog was bittersweet because of the hoarders in my family's past and maybe our present -- if you listen to my family.    So, it was important to research the psychology of Hoarding, in order to share s...
Preventing a fire or flood disaster in your Eastchester home or business, in Westchester 10709, especially in a kitchen, basement or attic Most of us know to be careful during the holiday season about candles, roaring warm fires and when cooking on stovetops.  Yet, the National Fire Protection As...
Here's your annual reminder to FALL BACK this Saturday night by one hour on all clocks and watches...our Cell Phones should get the message from our carriers.         **Check Fire Alarms & CO detectors, plus Radon, too, at this time of year.     Fall Back an hour on your timepieces this Saturday...
Hi there ~ Hillary, the weather junkie here, sending "be safe wishes" for Hurricane Matthew if he comes north to Scarsdale, NY 10583: Look for some Storm Safety & Preparation tips,  your way for Hurricane Season 2016! October just arrived and our 2016 hurricane season is really picking up. Rememb...
 Window Safety for children thisSummer in Bronxville, NY 10708 When the weather's warm early this summer, it can be tempting to open your windows and let in a fresh breeze. But did you know this is a safety risk for young kids? Help prevent tragic falls with these window safety pointers.  Window ...
Wild winds and storms since Sunday knock down trees and power lines, causing flooding when sump pumps stopped in Scarsdale, NY 10583 Our HUGE maple tree was blowing around like a helicopter in Westchester County storms this week! You know all about sump pumps, if you have a basement in a Scarsdal...
Love Sharon's ideas for Kitchen updates, for our clients with the family's small woman owned renovation co., but also because our house is listed now.  Wish I'd seen some of these ideas when we were going at it and fully demo'd this kitchen and updated 3 bathrooms.  Great post, lady! There are ma...
My husband, Forrest, often asks how they keep their jobs on radio and TV, when meterologists are often wrong about weather forecasts in Eastchester, NY 10709 & beyond! First, our house is for sale and there was a rainy, dreary forecast for this whole weekend, plus a record breaking cool down.  RE...

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Co-Owner ~ Servpro of Scarsdale / Mount Vernon, NY
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