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Has everyone seen the new foreclosure stats?  7% up from June What's going in your neck of the woods?            
New FHA) guidelines have been issued pertaining to the agency's implementation of FHA-HAMP, a spin-off of the federal Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP). The program, which the FHA expects all servicers to have up and running by Aug. 15, permanently reduces a monthly mortgage payment thr...
Here is a link that will provide some good info for anyone who is curious about this program: http://www.fanniemae.com/newsreleases/2009/faq/FAQ_national_REO_rental_policy_010709.pdf;jsessionid=Y3WBUTCCXK1HHJ2FQSHSFGI Reduce your liability and put yourself in a position to attract more Short Sale...
I spoke with several attorneys this week about the last 2 years of the market and they are waiting for the onslaught of lawsuits coming from sellers who got "Cheated" out of their home by "Short Sales" and Loan Mod consultants.  Take yourself out of the equation, lessen your liability and send al...
With all the moratoriums going on, REOs are Scarce!  More agents are once again going after the "Short Sale" market.  One way is to provider these homeowners with credible information they can use today without worrying about being called a "Foreclosure Consultant"  Check out the links below to a...
With new legislations floating around, many agents will be under the "Foreclosure Consultant" umbrella for talking about different options someone may have if they are having a hardship with their mortgage.  Take Yourself out of the equation, reduce your liability exposure and get more listings!!...
Most people facing foreclosure are unaware of the options available to them.  The key is knowing where you are along the foreclosure timeline. The FOPITM, or Foreclosure Probability Index score, is a numerical representation of a person's likelihood to lose their home to foreclosure.  Monitoring ...
A call into the Sacramento office of California Senator Calderon, resulted in an amazing admission by his staff. His committee staffer confirmed that SB 94 is in fact designed to prevent a homeowner in foreclosure, from paying a retainer fee to an attorney or anybody to advise or represent the ho...

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