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A place to learn, laugh and just plain marvel at the trials and travails of various real estate professionals and their clients. Brought to you by a Realtor and sometimes Attorney serving the Dallas area real estate market.
To begin, I want to apologize to my regular readership for the long delay in between blog posts.  Thankfully my regular readership only consists of my wife and other close family member that I force to read my blog.  Thankfully one of the reasons for my lack of posts is the continued growth of ou...
I had to finally sit down and address one of my pet peeves in the real estate industry, but a little background first.  I spent 5+ years in a mid-sized law firm litigating cases and negotiating various settlements in lawsuits.  I quickly learned that negotiation is an art form and not a science, ...
The number of real estate investors that decide to purchase their first investment property without a plan of action in place is staggering.  It seems that every week or so you hear a story about an investment property that has been foreclosed upon or placed under short-sale status.  Real estate ...
I wanted to take a moment and let the rest of the Rainers know a success story brought about because of this wonderful network on ActiveRain.  I posted a blog a while back about the basic rules of a 1031 Exchange.  I tend to work with a lot of investors, and with my background in finance and law ...
Last spring I put together a database of out-of-state owners of property in the Plano, Frisco and McKinney areas of North Dallas.  I got a good response from the letter with several new investor clients, and a future listing from a client that decided it was best to wait a couple of more years be...
I got a call the other night from my daughter's teacher and her husband.  They are selling their house and having some problems with their current agent.  At the outset everything was going okay, though their agent delayed a bit in getting the listing on MLS initially.  Since that point, however,...
One investing trend that has really picked up speed lately involves investing in "Almost New" homes rather than new homes.  Many out of state investors have learned that maintenance and property management can be very difficult when you are not near the property, even with a great property manage...
When I first got into real estate I really struggled with an advertising campaign that would focus on my strengths but also address perceived weaknesses.  As an attorney I assumed most people would assume my strengths in negotiation, legal knowledge, ability to handle complex closings, and the li...
This past fall in Dallas saw the market slow markedly and inventory rise as homes sat through entire listings without selling.  Though I do not believe the slow down is permanent, rather more like it was catching its breath before a big spring, I did notice that a lot of agents neglected a key el...
There is a standard assumption about any salesperson, especially in real estate, that they are outgoing, extroverted and able to talk to anybody about anything at any given time.  I never really thought about that image much until I jumped into real estate full time, but when writing my last post...

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