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Have you ever had a conversation that, upon reflection, you wonder what happened or what you were thinking?  You experience a pondering of why you didn't listen or hear cues that most certainly had to have been there?  This happened to me Friday last week.  I had a referral from (shameless plug! ...
Ok, this is more of an open ended question as opposed to a informative blurb, and I hope that I am not deluged with conspiracy theories, but why is diesel so much higher than gasoline?  If I remember my (barely passed) chemistry classes, diesel requires less refining, so I don't think that is it....
  It has gotten really ugly out there in the last 12 months. What happened to common sense?  What happened to if someone got behind on their mortgage payments, but later on they brought me half the money?  I am sure if you had owed $10,000 to a bookie that they would call you constantly and thre...
I think we are living in interesting times... I have mentioned previously this thought in other forums, typing away for anybody who would listen for the last year; the financial markets had a fairly simple, model, already in place and in use (VA), to bring to a screeching halt this financial cris...

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