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Junes' Statical Data For Homes Sales In San Marcos, California.     June 2008 Detached Active Sold Days on Market % of Sales Price of listing Price Total Homes for Sale Total Sold 92069 Detached 42 6 135 89     92069 Attached 22 0 98 78                 125 Homes in 92069 & 92078 9 Homes in 92069...
This is a very difficult and delicate subject matter to discuss, as a broker it has becomes a discussion that I have had with several other local brokers and I thought I would open the subject up for comment. One of the challenges that a broker faces is knowing that an agent is doing everything p...
It can be challenging finding an accountability partner that has the stick-to-ness. So when looking too match your self up with an accountability partner be on the look out for the following:  •1.    Has a good to great attitude. •2.    Can be flexible. •3.    Dependable. •4.    Ability to set go...
Can a website that is free perform as well as websites that cost? It has become fashionable for real estate agents to have more than one site, some are branded and others are unbranded and the number can run from just one site up to many. Many websites are state of the art or just entry level sty...